October 17, 2017

Samsung ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smartwatch to launch on Sept. 4

AdewaleAug 28, 20133min

Samsung has confirmed the launch date for the Smartwatch called Galaxy Gear. The watch to be launched on September 4th at the  IFA technology show in Berlin, will have features close to a mobile phone – but will not have a flexible display.

Samsung is taking the first shot as the competition stiffens in the wearable devices market with Apple also planning to unveil its iwatch. Other wearable devices presently available are the Google glass, Sony Smart watch.

The Android-powered watch will have an AMOLED display and would run on an Android operating system. It is also likely that Samsung will offer a watch app for phones and tablets that will communicate with the Galaxy Gear instantaneously.

This app is said to be appearing on the Samsung App store and not the Google Play store, this simply means that one would need a Samsung phone to get full functionality of the Galaxy Gear.

samsung galaxy gearThe Galaxy Gear is a companion device that can be linked to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone and tablet range. It will be able to use Bluetooth to display calling information for example, allow users to answer calls and speak using a connected headset. The watch will also likely display other phone information such as text, tweets and picture messages on your wrist.

The Gear will not actually be able to make calls, but will act as a secondary device to a smartphone by communicating via Bluetooth and NFC.

With September 4 just around the corner, it wont be long before we get detailed tech specs of the new wearable device.


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