July 23, 2017
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Paul AdepojuJun 27, 2017


On Monday, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube announced the formation of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which will help the giants continue to make their hosted consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists.

“The spread of terrorism and violent extremism is a pressing global problem and a critical challenge for us all. We take these issues very seriously, and each of our companies have developed policies and removal practices that enable us to take a hard line against terrorist or violent extremist content on our hosted consumer services. We believe that by working together, sharing the best technological and operational elements of our individual efforts, we can have a greater impact on the threat of terrorist content online,” Twitter stated.

The new forum builds on initiatives including the EU Internet Forum and the Shared Industry Hash Database; discussions with the UK government; and the conclusions of the recent G7 and European Council meetings.  It will formalise and structure existing and future areas of collaboration between the companies and foster cooperation with smaller tech companies, civil society groups and academics, governments and supra-national bodies such as the EU and the UN.

The scope of work is expected to evolve over time as the companies will need to be responsive to the ever-evolving terrorist and extremist tactics. Initially, however, their work will focus on:

Technological solutions

“Our companies will work together to refine and improve existing joint technical work, such as the Shared Industry Hash Database; exchange best practices as we develop and implement new content detection and classification techniques using machine learning; and define standard transparency reporting methods for terrorist content removals.”

Research: They will commission research to inform their counter-speech efforts and guide future technical and policy decisions around the removal of terrorist content.


The companies will work with counter-terrorism experts including governments, civil society groups, academics and other companies to engage in shared learning about terrorism. And through a joint partnership with the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED) and the ICT4Peace Initiative, they are establishing a broad knowledge-sharing network to:

  • Engage with smaller companies: they will help them develop the technology and processes necessary to tackle terrorist and extremist content online.
  • Develop best practices: they are already partner with organizations such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Anti-Defamation League and Global Network Initiative to identify how best to counter extremism and online hate, while respecting freedom of expression and privacy. They believe they can socialise these best practices, and develop additional shared learnings on topics such as community guideline development, and policy enforcement.
  • Counterspeech: each of the companies already has robust counterspeech initiatives in place (e.g., YouTube’s Creators for Change, Jigsaw’s Redirect method, Facebook’s P2P and OCCI, Microsoft’s partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue for counter-narratives on Bing, Twitter’s global NGO training programme). The forum they have have established allows them to learn from and contribute to one another’s counterspeech efforts, and discuss how to further empower and train civil society organisations and individuals who may be engaged in similar work and support ongoing efforts such as the Civil society empowerment project (CSEP).

They announced they will be hosting a series of learning workshops in partnership with UN CTED/ICT4Peace in Silicon Valley and around the world to drive these areas of collaboration.

Paul AdepojuMay 25, 2017


Social media giant Twitter has extended First View to Nigeria. First View is a video product from Twitter which allows advertisers, particularly brands, to use Twitter’s top advertisement slot for 24 hours.

This vantage position can be used by advertisers and brands to share their brand story using video.

According to the social media giant, Twitter is used daily by millions of people across the world majorly to talk about what they are passionate about – including culture-shaping topics. Likewise, the platform has become a medium for brands to reach the live, premium audience, creating significant brand moments for their product launches, event sponsorships, and film premieres. With First View, marketers can scale their efforts even further.

This is how the service works.

When you first visit the Twitter app or log in to twitter.com, the top ad slot in the timelines will be a Promoted Video from that brand. Allowing marketers to tell a powerful visual story across the Twitter audience.

The medium allows Twitter to latch on video which is expected to be the fastest-growing content type on mobile and desktop through at least 2020, when it will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

It has also been revealed that video tweets are six times more likely to be shared than image tweets.

“In markets where First View has been available it has helped brands across a variety of verticals quickly achieve scale with compelling video creative. On average, First View can increase Tweet recall by more than 141%; campaign awareness by +58%; message association, +29%; brand awareness, +18%; and purchase intent, +13%,” Twitter said

Benjamin DadaMay 17, 2017


UPDATE: There is an actual article. Question: Why did they only put “I’ve never had an orgasm” in the first place?


While some of us were busy checking out fine men and women on the TL. VanguardNGR, this morning decided to inform us about their sex life (which we later learned from the article above that it was a reported speech). Whether this was done in error or as a publicity stunt is yet to be ascertained. However, we suspect the tweet to have come from this Twitter user, Aliyu (same text and then he has vanguardngr.com in his bio). Thanks to Tosin’s (twitter user) detective skills.

Another Twitter user, let us know that there was an actual article that needed to be referenced.

The effect of that single “I’ve never had orgasm” created a lot of buzz on Twitter with over 400RTs in less than 100minutes. Perhaps, now we can rest. But before then, do well to check the replies to their  initial tweet.

UPDATE: Other parts of this initial post has been deleted due to the recent updates.





I can almost bet that you would enjoy tweeting via the Twitter lite web app, it is way swift and can be accessed at mobile.twitter.com  Twitter lite and Twitter share same the key features which are your timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, and more. It was launched to correct some of the barriers observed by users on the original version which includes slow mobile networks, expensive data plans or lack of storage on mobile devices. Although, it can basically be accessed via browsers, twitter assures users that limited internet connections would not be a problem.

Twitter official page reports its entire user base to be pegged at  about 313 million which is less compared to Facebook which has about 1.86 billion monthly active users. Hopefully this platform would help increase Twitter user base as the app is targeted at new users. However, this is way overdue as Facebook already launched her “lite web app” in 2009. I wonder what took twitter this long as it appears that Lite apps are becoming quite popular these days.

Twitter lite would ensure that users get real-time updates on news, sports, entertainment, politics and other topics that matter most all over the world. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

The app takes just about 1MB storage space of your mobile device, which makes it easier to work on cheap handset while the version on Android phones has a home screen app that enable users get notifications, alerts and temporary offline access.

Benjamin DadaMar 21, 2017


In your corporate strategy for 2017, you included the line item “Go online, get social”. Social Media is hot right now with Kenya and Nigeria trending in the 3rd place, according to Google Trends.

So, quickly, I strung together a few practical steps to help your company hire a reliable Social Media Manager which got so many commendations from Senior Consultants at Digital Media Agencies on Twitter (see link at the end of this article). They include: gaining consensus from Top Management, engaging the employees, shortlisting and interviewing.

  1. A consensus from Top Management: Be clear on the need to go Social and achieve a consensus at the level of top management. What we find with many organisations across scale is that the CEO or a member of the C-level team might be a huge proponent of Social Media but the rest of the team is indifferent regarding its potential. At this stage, there should be well-defined expectations and potential forecast into the ROI (Return-on-Investment) that a move to Social Media would create for the business. This means a Budget for this project — “Hiring a Social Media Manager” needs to be in place. As well as, Payback Period (time in which the investment would be recouped). Also, at this stage (or the next stage), you (or your HR team) can define what feeling you want your social media accounts to say about you — perception (such as humane, customer-focused, market-leadership). A company having an established HR department can then pass on this strategy document to them for implementation.

    Deliverable: A written strategy document about the management’s decision to go social as well as expectations from the investment (ROI)

  2. Involve the employees (bottom-up): There is something about being regarded as a ‘co-owner’ in a project. There is this sense of responsibility it places on you. While it would be good to get Employees input, we do this by carrying out a survey to determine the most frequent Social Media Users (possible influencers in their own rights) and their primary platforms. We then gather them into a focus group to discuss our management plan to go social. Giving them the task of identifying at least ten of their preferred social media personalities for each platform (such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, FB). Management is at liberty to define (initial) criteria for shortlisting at this stage or the next. Although, I’ll advise that the criteria be revealed only at the next stage in order to have a much larger pool to screen from.

    Deliverable: Formation of a task group and provisioning of the first version of the list

  3. Filtering and shortlisting to a smaller group of candidates: Now that we have a pool to choose from, we (management/HR) can then present criteria for screening (such as educational status, personal and professional branding of candidates, background, alignment with company culture and vision. Still working with the task group to shortlist candidates to be invited for interviews. This way, it reduces the disappointment of candidates posing as “potential Social Media Managers” meanwhile the lack the track-record to back-up their claim. Also, the chances of eventually hiring a star performer would be higher because you (as the organisation) have carried out due diligence.

    Deliverable: Shortlisted candidates for Interviewing

  4.  Conduct interviews and extend an offer: Finally, interview the person to assess their perception of the economic benefits social media avails to a business such as yours. Find out how they grew their following (one thing you should particularly watch out for is their thought process…hopefully, they think aloud). Then, ask any other company-specific questions, behavioural as you deem fit (as you’ll do in normal interviews). Eventually, make a decision to hire and extend an offer.

    Deliverable: A Social Media Manager who has the personality, professionalism and qualification to deliver for your company.

    In conclusion, I believe if you approach your hiring for a social media manager with such structured methodology, we’ll see better candidates, more reliable managers and good results from your online engagements. Read the full article here.

Paul AdepojuMar 8, 2017


Social media giant Twitter recently announced it is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that its platform is safer.

In a blog post, the company revealed that it has made a number of changes including updating how users can report abusive Tweets, stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, implementing safer search results, collapsing abusive or low-quality Tweets, and reducing notifications from conversations started by people users have blocked or muted.

The company also announced it is introducing additional updates that leverage their technology to reduce abusive content, give users more tools to control their experience, and communicate more clearly about actions Twitter take.

Leveraging Twitter technology to reduce abusive content

“We’re working to identify accounts as they’re engaging in abusive behavior, even if this behavior hasn’t been reported to us. Then, we’re taking action by limiting certain account functionality for a set amount of time, such as allowing only their followers to see their Tweets. For example, this change could come into effect if an account is repeatedly Tweeting without solicitation at non-followers or engaging in patterns of abusive behavior that is in violation of the Twitter Rules. Our platform supports the freedom to share any viewpoint, but if an account continues to repeatedly violate the Twitter Rules, we will consider taking further action,” Twitter stated.

The company said it is aiming to only act on accounts when they’re confident, based on Twitter algorithms, that their behavior is abusive.

“Since these tools are new we will sometimes make mistakes, but know that we are actively working to improve and iterate on them everyday,” Twitter said.

More control with additional tools

Twitter also announced the introduction of new filtering options for notifications to give users more control over what they see from certain types of accounts, like those without a profile photo, unverified email addresses or phone numbers.

“Many people requested more filter options for their notifications, and we’re excited to bring these to everyone on Twitter,” the social media giant said.

“We’re also expanding the mute feature to build on the work we did in November which lets you remove certain keywords, phrases, or entire conversations from your notifications. Now, you’ll be able to mute from your home timeline and you can decide how long this content is muted – one day, one week, one month, or indefinitely. This was another big request from you and we’re looking forward to rolling it out.”

Benjamin DadaFeb 11, 2017


The Valentine season always creates mixed feelings depending on whether you are single or hooked. Mind you, that you are hooked doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed happiness as boys always experience the proverbial high blood pressure to deliver. BTW, Ladies should also feel the heat, check here for ideas.

Twist: Does it always have to be that way? I mean, checking through the dictionary, only a Card is sent on St. Valentines day, 14 February. So, where we did we get that idea of buying things outside our reach for cherished. [cut] This post is not even about the idea of valentine but the comical skits that have emerged as a result. Below are 3 videos about Valentine. Sit back and enjoy.

This post is not even about the idea of valentine but the comical skits that have emerged as a result.

Below are 3 short videos about Valentine from boys all over the world. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Social Media and stand-up Comedian Ebiye opened the floor on the 9th of February with this skit.

2. On the same day, Winner of MTV BFS Challenge, Music minister with an ability to mimic voices, Tomiwa Immanuel drops this on his Twitter page.

3. Two days later, TechCityNG Writer drops a shade on his Twitter Page.

There you have it!

Ladies, let us know the kind of pressure you come under as a result of the Valentine season. You deserve a say too 🙂

Happy Lovers day in advance!

  • Benjamin

Benjamin DadaFeb 3, 2017


I don’t only break down concepts like I did with Gamification and Panopticism; I also compile comic content. Here is one of those.

So, each time a new meme arrives on Social Media, the creativity of the Nigerian people is unleashed. Suddenly, we forget that Buhari has not brought us the Change he campaigned for; oh sorry, he didn’t, the APC media did, says one of his parody accounts.

Without further ado, my top 10 meme captions on this,  includes:










9. Valentine is coming so…stay woke!


[You tell me…]

Benjamin DadaJan 3, 2017


Editors note: This post goes into a lot of detail for the n00b looking to make the most out of Twitter in 2017. It assumes little/no knowledge about the related Twitter terminologies. Please skip to the last sentence if you are a Veteran, else enjoy the embedded humour. 

You are not a Veteran if you don’t know what “KFB for a DM” means so, feel free to read on.

Translation: “Kindly Follow Back for a Direct Message”.

When is it used?

Every platform has its own lingo/slang. And for Twitter, it is FOLLOW; which is akin to the “Friend Request” we see on FB (aaargh, you really need to up your abbreviations game, FB = Facebook).

Like every other social media platform, it is majorly about sharing and connecting with friends, families, and strangers (if you like). With the connecting bit being our focus for today.

Typically, a DM is basically a private message sent from one User to another (although, thanks to accounts like @SubDeliveryMan, @TrailerJamShow and @MyHoeStory; DMs are not as private anymore, LOL). Interestingly, the accounts mentioned above leverage what I talk about towards the end of this posts – “Open DMs”.

Unlike FB, where following someone doesn’t mean the person automatically follows you; while you get to see the status updates of the person, the person can’t see yours – except they did a search – there are a plethora of reasons people follow back on Twitter and one Twitter User, @DJwoske did a poll on why people followed back.

Another thing about the whole “follow” palava is that you can’t DM someone who doesn’t follow you (Hooray! At least this person has a reason to follow me back, so I can DM).

Sadly, In 2016, Twitter has since published a setting that makes your “DMs Open” meaning, anyone can message you and vice-versa. Hence, that line, “KFB for a DM” is no longer valid.

What is this life?

Guess we have to find a new way to get follow backs – read the last paragraph.

Oh well, here is a bonus if you didn’t know about that feature; simply go to your settings and check the box next to Receive Direct Messages from anyone. More information:

PRO-TIP: Every disappointment is a blessing, with this “Open DMs” you can send your “KFBs” as a private message. Of course, you are better off adding more flesh to it (This is how I got some “Twitter Celebs” to follow me back). May the force be with you!

How have you gotten people to follow you back? Kindly share with me in the comment section or on Twitter!

GuestNov 21, 2016


Sometime in October, there was a Twitter phenomenon that had people ask for favours ranging from free products to services, etc from brands, companies, other online and offline audience which was binding if the asking party could attain a certain number of retweets (RTs).

A lady reported that via RTs she got all the things needed for her wedding without spending a dime on it. Good you say?

Then, there was this daring young man, Mr Olayinka Fajimite, whose Twitter handle is @lordphaj3804. He had asked Oando_PLC “how many RTs for a job?”

Oando generously replied and said, they don’t do “RTs” for a job but they could for a 1-month internship.

Through the help of the good people of Twitter retweeting, Yinka was able to secure the number of RTs requested. Now, the question arose? What kind of role would he be placed to work in? Petrol attendant doesn’t sound so exciting. To which Oando graciously responded asserting that they would not be making him a Petrol Attendant.

Only for us to wake up to this:

What went wrong? Why did Oando lie to us (Twitter Users)?

Twitter was agog with comments with people asking questions and expressing their confusion in the development of Fajimite’s Oando deal.

While some Twitter Influencers like Chidi Okereke and Osi Dirisu were still buckling up to question Oando.

The intern released this:

Alas! it was all a prank!

Thank you Oando. Thank you Twitter NG for a dream come true.

Now we can return to our regular banter on twitter 🙂

Paul AdepojuSep 6, 2016


For a political party that describes itself as the continent’s biggest, getting enmeshed in social media confusion should not be expected but this is exactly what is happening as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday extended its intra-political imbroglio to the social media space.

It all started when the party’s National Publicity Secretary’s Head of Publicity Division, Chinwe Nnorom, revealed the party had formally closed its official twitter handle @pdpnigeria. He said the decision to shutdown the Twitter handle was due to the posting of unauthorised tweets via the Twitter handle.

As a way out, he said henceforth, the party’s official  a statement issued monday by on behalf of the party said it would henceforth operate on a new twitter handle, known as @officialpdpnig.

“I am directed by the leadership of our great party, the PDP led by Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, to announce the immediate closure of the party’s official twitter handle, @pdpnigeria and re-launch of another handle for effective use and control. The new handle is @officialpdpnig henceforth.”

The party said that the National Publicity Secretary, Prince Dayo Adeyeye is currently the chief spokesman and image-maker of PDP, in line with the party’s constitution.

“Consequently, nobody is allowed to issue official statement or speak for and on behalf of the party except authorised by the party hierarchy to do so. The leadership warns that it will not hesitate to take disciplinary measures accordingly against any member that flouts this directive.”

It would have been a well understood development if the previous handle was truly shut down but as at today, September 6, 2016, both Twitter handles are live and claiming to be the party’s official social media handle. In the same vein, it is enjoining Nigerians and party members to dissociate themselves from dealing with the other social media handles. Interestingly, both handles still reference their official website to be peoplesdemocraticparty.com.ng which appears to be under the control of those behind the new Twitter handle since the website shared news of the shutdown of the former Twitter handle.

In other words the former has the Twitter verification while the new Twitter handle seems to control the website too.

While @PDPNigeria has been verified by Twitter, @OfficialPDPNig is yet to get verified. Furthermore, the former has over 188,000 followers while the later has less than 600 followers as at press time. Since there is disagreement on the leadership of the party, the discord on social media is expected as individuals claiming to be leading the party now have social media presence. In spite of the leadership tussle, both sides of aisle are behind the party’s flag bearer in Edo state governorship election and in accusing the ruling party, APC, of bringing hardships on citizens.

But the question on the minds of close observer is: what will Twitter do – will it verify the other faction’s Twitter handle thus giving the party two verified Twitter accounts, will withdraw the former’s Twitter verification and verify the new one instead, or will it leave both handles as unverified until the party is able to reach a consensus?

Maybe Twitter would be able to solve the party’s rancor by putting its verification at stake. All hail the power of social media.



Twitter has been trying for some years now to grow its user base. And it looks like they just may have found a way to encourage more people to sign up. Mind you, I said ‘MAY have found’ cos I’m not sure this new plan of theirs will work

The online social networking service recently launched an ad campaign it hopes will give people a reason to join Twitter. Tagged ‘See what’s happening’ the campaign will include videos and digital ads all designed to show that Twitter is the place for us to go to see what’s happening, everywhere in the world at a particular moment.


Reinforcing Twitter’s purpose and uniqueness through this new campaign became imperative after the company discovered from research results that although most people recognised ‘Twitter’ as a brand, the majority of them perceived it to be just another Facebook-like social network service.

Other research results also showed that many respondents who weren’t on Twitter felt that being on Twitter meant that they’d have to tweet everyday and since they felt they didn’t have much to say, they didn’t see any reason to sign up.

These and more of such misconceptions about what Twitter is about and how users can use the app are the real reason behind the new ad campaign.

Time will tell if Twitter’ s plans to enlighten more potential users of its uniquesness and usefulness will lead to more new signups.



Twitter’s fight against online extremism seems to be getting better or should I say – swifter. The Counter Extremism Project recently posted a report stating that the microblogging platform responded faster than usual in deleting posts from Islamic extremists praising last week’s truck attack in Nice, France.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a truck over a crowd gathered to watch the Bastille Day fireworks, in Nice, France, killing over 80 people and leaving over 300 injured.

According to The Counter Extremism Project, over 50 twitter accounts posted several tweets praising the Nice attack, all of which were deleted within minutes by Twitter. The report read; “Twitter moved with swiftness we have not seen before to erase pro-attack tweets within minutes…..It was the first time Twitter has reacted so efficiently.”

However, according to Engadget, other tech companies (like Facebook, Microsoft and Google), after talks with the US government have also had to take an active approach to fight online extremism.

That being said, Twitter’s swift response is commendable. At least it’ll reduce the ways or extent to which such people spread their venom.



PostGhost, a website that archived deleted tweets of verified users has been forced to shut down after receiving a notice from Twitter. Recently launched on July 6, PostGhost captured and stored deleted tweets from all Twitter users with more than 10,000 followers.

From Twitter’s letter to the now defunct website, Twitter said that archiving deleted tweets was a violation of its service terms.

In response, the website in an open letter argued that users able to influence large numbers of people in seconds ought to have their tweets archived. In addition it also argued that the website served as a credible place for people to verify the authenticity of deleted tweets as was seen in two specific cases involving Trump and British politician Andrea Leadsom.

Haven read PostGhost’s open letter, I don’t quite agree with Twitter that saving the deleted tweets of influential people is somehow negating their privacy. Anyone who gets on social media has already chosen to give away a portion of his or her privacy and the moment that person is already famous for whatever reason, social media isn’t the place for them to try to keep or hide anything they don’t want the multitudes of people that follow them to hear, read or see.

it’s laudable that Twitter saw the need to allow Politwoops – a site that archives the deleted tweets of politicians to keep on running, but many athletes, musicians and actors wield far more influence on social media than do politicians. As a result they too should be allowed to say just anything and then try to hide or deny their comments by deleting it.




Twitter is at it again – introducing another new feature it hopes will lure more users to its platform. This time around, Twitter has introduced Snapchat-like filters or stickers which users can use to ‘spice up’ their Twitter photos.

All you have to do is upload an image to Twitter, select as many stickers as you like to place on it (they are all free at the moment) and post the image. C ‘est Finir.

However, unlike Snapchat stickers which serve only for aesthetics or fun, Twitter’s are also searchable. Meaning, you can tap on any of them to see other photos on Twitter in which the same sticker was used – just like with hashtags.

According to the company’s blog post ““After you Tweet a photo with stickers on it, your photo becomes searchable in a new, visual spin on the hashtag…. Tapping on a sticker in a Tweet takes you to a new timeline, where you can see how people all over the world use that sticker in different ways.”

At the moment though, all Stickers will be made by Twitter, whom by the way say that they’ll be releasing more from time to time including unique ones for special events.

What good will these new ‘searchable stickers’ do in terms of increasing Twitters popularity and or relevance?

No one is sure. Like other changes they’ve made, only time will tell how useful or interesting users will find this. However, there’s a good chance that they’ll catch on, considering how well stickers are doing on other social media platforms like Snapchat and Line.

Another part of this story I’m waiting to hear is when Twitter will start selling them in other to make some money, because after all in the end, it’s all about the money.


Princess EmeJun 17, 2016


Twitter has invested $70 million for a stake in the music streaming service, Soundcloud.

Apparently; Twitter wanted to buy the company last year but walked away at the last minute. According to Recode, the investment is part of a round that should end up in the $100 million-range. The round is expected to value SoundCloud at about $700 million, the same value that investors placed on the company in 2014, when it raised $60 million; since then it has also raised a debt round.

Both companies facilitate and inspire contemporary culture to happen in real time while reaching millions of people around the world. This investment will enable SoundCloud to remain focused on building value for creators and listeners alike, and to continue the global rollout of many company initiatives such as recently launched subscription service, SoundCloud Go.

Recode reckons that Twitter might view an integration with SoundCloud as a way to increase growth and engagement, and SoundCloud may look at Twitter as a way to promote its newly launched subscription service, which is crucial to the company’s plans.

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