TECNO Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus has finally arrived after a suspense filled digital build up tagged Beauty and the Beast which BellaRose tagged cheesy in one of her piece. The campaign was a success as it got a lot of people talking and expecting what the Phantom 6 will offer, apparently the expectations got a bit lit when Nigerians who thought the device will launch in Lagos Nigeria as we have witnessed other flagship launch, got the news that the launch event will take place in Dubai.

Anyway that was a sly from TECNO because Nigeria seem to be the biggest market but we are not angry. So because the Phantom 6 is a “follow up” on the Phantom 5 which I liked, I was anxious to lay my hands on it.

PS: If you want to buy the Phantom 6 and you are not ordering online, please go to the phone store with a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag in order to conveniently carry your phone without stress.

Oh Yes!! I just said that – it is actually an hyperbolic rhetoric to express the size of the phone box. The first statement that came out of my mouth when I first saw the pack was “Why is it so big?”, looks more like a shoe box if not bigger.

phantom 6Design expresses beauty

TECNO Phantom 6 is a beautifully crafted flagship for 2016, obviously a beauty at first glance, no doubt it looks premium with an impressive design crafted with a mix of plastic, metal and glass. A lot of attention has been given to aesthetics this time around, its sleek and so slim as you would like your phone to be, hence the name ‘Beauty’.

tecno phantom 6The glass covering at the top is fine and well-polished, allowing the finger a smooth slide all over, back cover is made of fine plastic while the whole edge is wrapped with metal.

All navigation keys are on-screen, volume rocker and power button are placed at the right and can be easily reached using one finger. It is dual SIM enabled, with a SIM slot for two sim cards on the RHS and a slot for microSD card for memory expansion.