November 20, 2017

TECNO Camon CX vs Camon C9 – is the CX a worthy upgrade?

AdewaleJun 17, 20178min

TECNO mobile released the Camon CX, a successor to the Camon C9 which was glorified because of its quality camera. It has since been established that the strength of the Camon series is the camera which obviously got a boost on not just the primary but also the secondary camera of the new CX. On the basis of that we decided to do a comparison between the latter and the former and find out what has really changed on both devices.

Placing the two devices side by side, one is bound to notice a huge difference in the two devices, a noticeable change which makes it somewhat hard to tell that both are in the same series. They both look almost completely different in design, build material and quality.

First you see that the Camon CX  is slimmer, with flat behind while the CX has a curvy back. I don’t really like the curvy back on the C9 because when you type on the screen while the phone is placed on a flat surface, the C9 uncontrollably dances on the table.

Camon C9 on the left with curved back

Both have headphone jack at the top but at different positions. The C9 has it’s loud speaker at the back while that of the CX is placed at the bottom, on the same side with the USB/charging port

The Camon CX is made of a combination of glass and metallic body which gives it a premium look and feel as against the plastic material used in making the Camon C9. Both have volume and power buttons on the right side. While the volume rocker on the CX is a single button, there are separate buttons for volume up and down on the C9.

Moving to the back – Camon C9 camera and flash are positioned close to the centre while they have taken a left shift to the left, sitting towards the edge on the CX. The flash is also different on both devices.

The CX has a fingerprint scanner at the back which is used as both touch and security function. The fingerprint scanner as a security feature here has replaced the eye print scanner which was on the Camon C9.

As we can see, a lot of the changes on the CX are found in the design department, both batteries are non-removable, however the back cover on the C9 is removable. It houses the SIM and SD card slot but this is not obtainable on the CX, here the SIM and SD card slot have been replaced with trays and appear on the sides of the device while a removable back cover is absent.

Both devices have  5.5’’ full HD display suitable for a decent multimedia experience. We decide to pitch the display against each other by watching video on YouTube, setting display of both devices at maximum and cranking both volume to the fullest.

We found out that the CX has a brighter display, has sharper colours than the C9. Volume is also louder on the CX.

TECNO decided to maximize the screen real estate on the Camon CX by placing the navigation keys on-screen, for the Camon C9, the navigation keys are placed just below the screen.

I am so certain that anyone who has experienced the eye print on the Camon C9 will be grateful that the feature has been discarded and absent from the Camon CX, this is corroborated with the preference of the fingerprint scanner on the CX over the eye print scanner which obviously doesn’t work under lowlight. The finger print scanner is also faster compared to the eye print scanner available on the C9

In addition, the Camon C9 has a dedicated camera button which is absent on the Camon CX.

Battery capacity on the C9 is 3,000mAh while the CX bears a bigger 3,200mAh. Both have power management feature provided by the HiOS overlay, however, the C9 has a long lasting battery than the CX. The CX has been upgraded with a fast charging feature.

The internal parts have also received a boost too, the CX runs on the latest Android N while C9 runs on Marshmallow. Camon C9 has 1.3GHz octa-core processor while CX has been bumped to 1.5GHz to deliver faster speed and efficiency.  On the memory side, I think I will sadly tell you that nothing has changed, RAM stays the same at 2GB while the internal storage also takes a standstill at 16GB.

So there you have it, in my opinion I will say that the Camon CX is a worthy upgrade if you love fine looking smartphones with a decent fun and multimedia experience. However if you do so much on your phone such that 2GB of RAM has become a piece of cake for you, then you may just have to wait for the next Phantom.

You can also watch a video comparison of the two devices below:

If you have used both devices, kindly share your experience and let us know what you think them in the comment section below.

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