The next time you update your snapchat on Android, expect to see a few improvements that would (hopefully)  make your user experience better.

The first and most obvious update is the redesign of the ‘Discover tab’. With this new update, the Discover tab will display all stories in a tab with the publisher’s name, story title and display image showing, rather than just the list of  sources in a grid of circles – like before. Also, you can easily subscribe to any channel on the Discover page by swiping up once you finish an edition.

In addition, asides from  being able to access chat and stories by swiping left or right, in the latest app update, both stories and chat have their individual icons, which some users may very well prefer.

Finally, the new update will allow users move between screens by taping the navigation button.

Any changes to snapchat you wish were in this update? Let me know in the comment box below.