July 23, 2017
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Dolapo Iyunade, Author at TechCity

Dolapo IyunadeJun 30, 2017


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to launch before the end of the year, and while it’s still on its way, we have happened upon some leaks that reveal few specifications of the Note 8.

So, traditionally, Samsung launches a new Note flagship each year at the IFA tech show in Berlin, which suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will make its debut in early-September 2017. However, some reports are pointing to a launch on 26 August, in order to beat the iPhone 8 to market.

A report claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with 2K resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio – making it the biggest phone in Samsung’s Note range, so far. Another Korean news website Osen is reporting that the smartphone will be available with either 64GB or 128GB storage, expandable to up to 256GB. It is also expected to be powered by the Exynos 8895 processor or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, depending on the regions.

According to a video that allegedly shows the first renders of the Galaxy Note 8, it is expected to have the fingerprint scanner at the back, beside the dual camera setup. The video also shows that the Note 8 will feature a USB-C port and housing for the bundled S Pen. It is also expected to come with a glass back.

There are also claims that the device will feature a dual 12-megapixel camera with OIS capabilities built-in. Lastly, the smartphone may pack a 3300mAh battery.

We’ll keep our ears and eyes out for more gist and bring you up to speed!

Dolapo IyunadeJun 29, 2017


In a work environment where there is so much heat and high pressure, there can be the inability to step out of work sometimes to get meals. Well Bukka for Business wants to make sure you get tummy-filled even when there seems to be no chance of getting your meal of choice.

Bukka for Business is a corporate catering service that uses technology to pair organizations with chefs seamlessly, giving access to choose from a large variety of cuisines.

With meals starting from as low as =N=800 per plate, personal chefs are assigned to organizations to provide pre-packed daily meals using a flexible payment plan.

Apart from a flexible payment plan, Bukka for Business also offers personal chefs (which are carefully selected through a rigorous application process, involving an online examination, food safety and food hygiene training, followed by a physical kitchen inspection), daily meal delivery, 1000+ meal options plus good food hygiene

Corporate food services offered include:

  •  Company Package: This package is available to employees in an organization.
  •  Individual package: This package is available to individuals in organizations who would like to subscribe to the personal chef service.
  • Healthy meal package: This package is available to individuals and organizations who want to engage in healthy eating habit.
  • Clique Package (minimum of 5 people): This package is available for a group of people within an organization who wish to subscribe to the personal chef service.
  • Canteen/Cafeteria Management: This package is available to organizations that require caterers to manage their cafeterias /canteens.
  • Kitchen Management: This package is available to organizations with an in-house kitchen that would like to have an in-house personal chef at an affordable price.
  • Events/Trainings: This service is available to organizations that require food supply services for meetings, training, birthdays and other events.

bukka for business


  • Open a Bukka Business account by registering on business.mybukka.com.
  • Upon the approval of the registration, you will receive a unique ID from Bukka.
  • Use your unique ID to make daily food orders on the App
  • Enjoy our flexible payment plan.

Using the Bukka for Business App, a wide choice of chefs in the neighborhood is offered, which allows you to order a large variety of cuisines that are affordable, freshly made and delivered swiftly to you.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 28, 2017


Microsoft has announced its plans to use artificial intelligence to create the next generation of antivirus software. This is to be included in the upcoming Windows Fall Creators’ update, levelling up Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a Windows10 enterprise service that flags early signs of infection.

In order to prevent another global malware crisis (like the WannaCry ransomware attack), Microsoft says the upcoming update will use data from its cloud programs such as Azure, Endpoint and Office to create an artificial intelligence antivirus that is much better at preventing cyberattacks.

Rob Lefferts, director of program management for Windows Enterprise and Security said that about 96 percent of cyberattacks use new malware. With Microsoft’s researchers working at their fastest pace, it can take a few hours to develop protections from the first moment they detect the new malware. By the time they’re done, the malware might have already made its way to more computers.

So with Microsoft’s new defense system, a lot will be done in tackling detected malware early. One of the AI’s features is the ability to instantly pick up the presence of a new malware on a computer, which is then quickly quarantined in the cloud. Then a signature for its identity is created, so as to protect other computers from it.

The update will also bring new protections for the browser; but only for those using Microsoft Edge.

While ATP’s new security features will initially only be available to businesses and enterprise customers, CNET says Microsoft has plans to roll them out to all users eventually.  Microsoft will release the Fall Creators’ preview between September and October – so these features will be available to some businesses and companies around that time.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 23, 2017


According to a report on Recode, Uber employees are circulating a petition asking the board to allow Travis Kalanick to stay at the company. Recode says an email was sent to them, validating the story.

Kalanick recently resigned from Uber due to pressure from five major shareholders; with that, employees have both publicly and internally expressed their discontent with the board as well as the media for painting Kalanick in an ill manner.

“Nobody is perfect, but I fundamentally believe he can evolve into the leader Uber needs today and that he’s critical to its future success,” the email reads. “I want the Board to hear from Uber employees that it’s made the wrong decision in pressuring Travis to leave and that he should be reinstated in an operational role.”

Margaret-Ann Seger, a product manager at Uber, wrote in a Facebook post: “I’m angry, sad, flustered, confused, but mostly just heartbroken.”

Just as Kalanick officially stepped down from his role, Uber’s management team sent out a staff email that read:

“First, as you’d expect, the emotions around Travis’ decision are intense. We understand that, and we want all of you to know that he did not make this decision lightly. Stepping back now was his way of putting Uber first, as he always has. Travis gave more to this company than anyone. He had a deep and meaningful impact on countless numbers of people at Uber and around the world, and for that, we will forever be grateful.”

Also, a link to an internal Uber site has been passed round, asking employees to show their support for Kalanick: “My ask is simple: one click (and an optional note) to express your support for Travis’ return. The form is totally anonymous. I will deliver the results to the Board.”

Dolapo IyunadeJun 23, 2017


Microsoft honored the achievements of 25 Nigerian entrepreneurs who graduated from the #Insiders4Good Fellowship 2017, at a graduation ceremony held at the InterContinental Hotel in Lagos.

Here are some pictures from the event…grab some popcorn and enjoy:

Oya change ya style…

 Mavin artiste, Reekado Banks dishing hits



 Cross-section of Winsider fellows and guests


 Congrats to the fellows!

Dolapo IyunadeJun 23, 2017


Recently, Microsoft honored the achievements of 25 Nigerian entrepreneurs who graduated from the #Insiders4Good Fellowship, at a ceremony held at the InterContinental Hotel in Lagos. The #Insiders4Good Fellowship is a program launched by Microsoft in partnership with Co-Creation Hub. At the ceremony, the entrepreneurs also pitched their business ideas to Microsoft executives and potential local partners and investors.



In his keynote speech, Bambo Sofola, Microsoft Director of Software Engineering, said, “Last year, we were excited to launch the first #Insiders4Good Fellowship in Nigeria, where so many exceptional entrepreneurs are using technology to create positive change in their communities. By supporting the growth of the Nigerian #Insiders4Good Fellows, we’ve learned valuable insights about the challenges they face in their unique contexts and how Microsoft products can grow and evolve to support them best. Today, we are thrilled to showcase their extraordinary ideas and celebrate their achievements.”

Out of 5,000 applicants, the 25 fellows were selected last September. They were selected based on their extraordinary ideas to create positive change in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Their products and services are set to tackle entrenched problems like illiteracy, kidnapping, agricultural waste, healthcare access, and much more.

As part of the Fellowship, the entrepreneurs attended an intensive “bootcamp”—a series of group workshops led by Microsoft staff during which they identified needs, set goals, and created road maps for taking their businesses to the next level. Each Fellow received a suite of Microsoft hardware and software and six months of tailored technical and strategic mentorship from local and international leaders.

“The #Insiders4Good Fellowship has been incredibly helpful,” Kido Chukwunweike and Kelechi Odoemena said prior to the event. Their startup, Dillish Instant Foods, was one of seven businesses invited by the Microsoft team to present at a private pitch session before the ceremony. “The Fellowship motivated us to prove that there is real demand for our product and pushed us to launch our ‘MVP’ product. We’ve started to see the challenges we face as individual hurdles to overcome, rather than a single huge obstacle. We learned to set smart interim goals. We feel very positive and proud of our progress.”

The program came to an end with the graduation event, during which Bambo Sofola recognized each Fellow on stage with a plaque of distinction.


Paula Aliu, who has launched an online platform for mental health services called Cogno-Aid, looked back on her journey as a Fellow. “My experience with the fellowship program has being greatly rewarding whilst challenging in a positive way,” Aliu said. “Over the course of the past six months plus, I have had the honor of meeting and interacting with a solid group of individuals comprising both Fellows and mentors from Microsoft and Co-Creation Hub. These wonderful people aided in fleshing out and building Cogno-Aid from an idea to what it is today. For this, I am forever grateful for the guidance given to me courtesy of the #Insiders4Good Fellowship.”

The Microsoft team and Co-Creation Hub will continue to foster connections between the Nigerian Fellows and Windows Insiders, a global community of over 10 million Windows users.


Dolapo IyunadeJun 22, 2017


KFC has postponed its chicken sandwich launch due to adverse weather conditions. According to information on a Space Tourism website, parabolicarc.com, the CEO of worldview Jane Poynter sent in a email stating this.

Hi everyone, Just a quick update for those interested in tuning in to the live broadcast of our upcoming Stratollite launch. Weather conditions are now looking good for launch the morning of this Thursday, 6/22.

As you know, KFC (yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken… which is still funny to say) is sponsoring this mission, so they’ll be running the live broadcast feed and narration. Enjoy it and take the commentary with a fun grain of salt. But, visually speaking, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to witness our launch operation in real time.

The final timing for launch is TBD, but the live feed will start somewhere between 3:45 am – 4:45 am PT (for all you early birds). Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for real-time updates on launch timing. And save this URL, as this is where KFC will be hosting the live broadcast feed: https://yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space/.


– Jane Poynter
CEO, World View

The launch was supposed to take place today (22nd of June). Also according to the launch website, it appears that it has been moved to about 44hrs from now – as at the time of this writing.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 22, 2017


Just when we thought  the very scary ransomware, WannaCry was done, on Monday it crept into the computer network of Honda Motor’s Plant in Japan. This caused the car plant to shut down, though production resumed on Tuesday.

About a month ago, the ransomware made headlines for locking down computers around the world. Over 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals in over 150 countries, were attacked including the British healthcare system and FedEx.

Honda’s Sayama plant, located outside of Tokyo, manufactures the Accord, Odyssey and Step Wagon models and produces around 1,000 vehicles each day. Production at other plants wasn’t affected. Honda wasn’t the only automaker to fall prey to the ransomware. The Renault-Nissan Alliance suffered as well, briefly shutting down plants in both Europe and Asia in May.

Although the attack of wannacry has slowed since last month, security experts have warned that new versions of the worm may strike.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 22, 2017


Facebook is working on a new feature that is designed to protect users who are concerned about how other people gain access to their profile image and how it can be used by others.

The new development is as a result of a research Facebook did in India. The company found that users did not share profile pictures which include their faces due to a fear of the images being publicly-accessible.

Starting with India, Facebook recently listed a new set of safety features, which give users greater control over their profile pictures.

Facebook users in India will soon be able to access an optional profile picture guard, which restricts how users can interact with their profile picture. When activated, the optional guard is visible through a blue border and shield around a user’s profile picture.

The features of the profile picture guard are:

  • Other people will not be able to download, share, or send your profile picture in a message on Facebook.
  • Non-friends won’t be able to tag anyone, including themselves, in your profile picture.
  • Facebook will prevent others from taking a screenshot of your profile picture on Facebook where possible.
  • Facebook will display a blue border and shield around your profile picture as a visual cue of protection.

Facebook says it hopes to expand this feature to other countries, soon.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 21, 2017


KFC is launching a chicken sandwich into space in about 20 hours from now.

The mission which is in partnership with balloon maker, World View was scheduled to begin June 21 which is today. KFC’s new spicy Zinger will be strapped into a fancy space balloon and fired 80,000 feet into the stratosphere, where it will remain for “at least” four whole days, the New York Times reports.

“We’re excited to be the ones pushing spicy, crispy chicken sandwich space travel forward,” Kevin Hochman, KFC U.S. president, said in a statement.

“But in all seriousness, we’re proud to support World View’s commitment to advancing space research and trust them to take our world famous Zinger sandwich to space.”

World View is also planning to return the sandwich — which will be housed within a bucket-shaped container — and bring back telemetry data.

“When we were first contacted by KFC to send a Zinger into space, we obviously thought it was quite funny,” said Jane Poynter, World View CEO, via email.

“But we quickly realized this was a great opportunity for us to publicly demonstrate our breakthrough Stratollite technology to a large audience while simultaneously financing a significant portion of the vehicle’s development.”

The Zinger 1 space mission will be the first to use World View’s stratollite; a balloon that actually has potential for near-space tourist travel. There’s also a website with a very weird name (yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space) dedicated to this mission. The website which will hold the live broadcast of the launch also shows a countdown clock.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 21, 2017


Yesterday, Cisco unveiled intent-based networking solutions that according to the company, represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in enterprise networking.

This is in respect to Cisco’s vision to create an intuitive system that anticipates actions, stops security threats in their tracks, and continues to evolve and learn. The company says this will help businesses to unlock new opportunities and solve previously unsolvable challenges in an era of increasing connectivity and distributed technology.

This new network is the result of years of research and development by Cisco to reinvent networking, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes.

“The network has never been more critical to business success, but it’s also never been under more pressure,” said Chuck Robbins, chief executive officer for Cisco. “By building a more intuitive network, we are creating an intelligent platform with unmatched security for today and for the future that propels businesses forward and creates new opportunities for people and organizations everywhere.”

With this new approach, Cisco is changing the fundamental blueprint for networking with re-imagined hardware and the most advanced software. This shift from hardware-centric to software-driven networking will enable customers to experience a quantum leap in agility, productivity and performance.

Speaking about the new development, the General Manager of Cisco Nigeria Olakunle Oloruntimehin, said “Cisco’s Encrypted Traffic Analytics solves a network security challenge previously thought to be unsolvable; ETA uses Cisco’s Talos cyber intelligence to detect known attack signatures even in encrypted traffic, helping to ensure security while maintaining privacy.”

Already several leading global enterprises and organizations are conducting field trials with these next-generation networking solutions, including NASA and Accenture.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 21, 2017


Spotify has launched a new feature for Facebook Messenger that allows you create playlists of songs with your friends.

With this new feature, Spotify says users can create a Group Playlist, and add songs to it directly within the Messenger app using the Spotify Chat Extension. Users can also the share the playlists with friends, and then let those friends add new songs as they wish.

Once a friend has created a Group Playlist, others in the conversation can add more songs directly through the Spotify Chat Extension, available by tapping the blue “+” icon next to the composer. Another great thing about this feature is that your friends do not need to be Spotify subscribers in order to add new tracks to your shared list.


With this, I guess Spotify aims to expose the service to friends who might be new to it especially with the fact that Facebook has nearly 2 billion users.

To start using this feature, click here.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 20, 2017


February last year, Whatsapp announced that come December 2016, the service would end its life on Blackberry OS including its latest 10th version. Fortunately, the end of support date was extended to 30th June 2017.

Blackberry loyals can get excited as the end-of-support date has been pushed back yet again; the company has reportedly confirmed the extension of its services for BlackBerry till December 2017.

According to a report by WhatsAppen, a Netherlands-based fan website, Whatsapp on the BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS7+ received an update on Monday that extends support for the platforms until December 31, 2017. The changelog of the update, seen on the devices, states “changed client end-of-life date to December 31, 2017”.

Those using Whatsapp on their Nokia S40 phones can rejoice too. They too will continue enjoying WhatsApp until December 2018. However, those with Nokia S60 phones still have their end-of-support date as 30th June 2017.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 20, 2017


When the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched in April, Google Play Music became the default music player on both devices. Now, a new feature called New Release Radio has been added to the app.

At the moment, this appears to be an exclusive feature within the Play Music app, reserved just for S8 and S8+ owners. New Release Radio gives you a daily updated list of songs that contains a mix of newly released tracks based on your music preferences.


Apart form this new feature, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners are also able to upload up to 100,000 songs to their virtual library, instead of the regular 50,000 allowance and receive three months of free Play Music All Access subscription.

For now, we don’t know if this will continue to be a Samsung exclusive feature, as I think it would be nice to have it on other devices too; although some Reddit users are already reporting that they can use the feature on non-Samsung devices by adding the station to their library through the desktop version of the webpage.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 19, 2017


About two months ago, Samsung’s digital assistant, Bixby launched with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ but without voice features.

Well Samsung has announced an assistant preview in which some S8 and S8 Plus owners in the US can test Bixby’s voice features before anyone else. This is a sure sign that the voice feature will be coming soon to Bixby. A report has it that the reason Samsung has not shipped its full voice assistant is the company’s difficulty in optimizing it for English commands; meanwhile, the voice command feature already launched in South Korea.

Samsung says the upcoming Bixby update will give you a new way to interact with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, enabling you to navigate through your phone’s apps, services and settings with a mix of voice commands and touch. The update will also assist you in completing complex tasks across many apps, to tell you more about what you’re looking at and where you are, to learn your routine and remember what you need to do.

For now, S8 and S8+ users are able to use limited Bixby features like Bixby Vision augmented reality, Bixby Home, and Reminders. Although we don’t when the preview will be launched, Samsung says this preview version will allow users send a text, change their settings, or make phone calls through their voice.

Dolapo IyunadeJun 16, 2017


On Saturday, 24th of June, Startup Grind Lagos will host Oluyomi Ojo, the CEO of Printivo, at her monthly Meetup holding.

Printivo is a platform that allows customers to create their own printing materials on their platform as well as  upload their own designs. It was founded by Oluyomi alongside two co-founders to make printing better for Nigerian SMEs, Corporations and the general public.

Also included in this month’s leg of Startup Grind is the learning curve section where Elda David Kehinde Samuel, the Executive Director of the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship, will be teaching attendees how to grow and scale their business in line with the theme “Scaling Your Grind”

The Chapter Director, Uwem Uwemakpan and the Co-director, Blessing Abeng have encouraged entrepreneurs to come ready to network, rub minds and learn Lessons in Grinding.

The event is set to place on the 24th of June, at Lagos Cowork, 24, Sikiru Alade Oloko Cres, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki by 5pm. Tickets for this event cost only N1000 online and N1500 at the venue.

This event is made possible with the partnership of The Afropreneur, Einsteinette Ltd, Lagos Startup Map, Trep Africa, NMD Studios and Chudy Photography.

Reserve your seat here – https://paystack.com/pay/Startupgrindlag-ticket

Dolapo IyunadeJun 16, 2017


Yesterday, the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) today announced the top 10 nominees who will be contending for the 2017 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA), to be awarded in Accra, Ghana on 18th July 2017.

Innovators from nine African countries including Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe have been shortlisted for the prestigious Prize.

This year’s innovators have demonstrated incredible proficiency through innovative solutions addressing challenges in agriculture value chain, health care, energy, communications, service industries as well as surveillance using drone technology.

Now celebrating its sixth year under the theme “African Innovation: Investing in Prosperity”, IPA is the premier innovation initiative in the African continent, offering a grand share-prize of US$185 000 and incentives to spur growth and prosperity in Africa through home-grown solutions.

AIF will host the IPA 2017 awards ceremony and its second Innovation Ecosystems Connector on 17 and 18 July in Accra, Ghana. The event will focus on how innovation enablers and businesses can leverage funding streams, investments and resources that are critical to unlock potential of African innovators. Participants at the IPA Awards will get an opportunity to attend the official opening of IPA 2017, experience the innovation marketplace, join high-level roundtable discussions, Zua Hub meet-ups, and networking activities, ending with a celebration of African ingenuity when the IPA 2017 winners will be announced. See key activities listed here.

This premier innovation event will be hosted in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, represented by the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), and Ghana 60 Years On Planning Committee. The IPA has received the highest endorsement from H.E. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of Ghana, who will deliver the keynote address during the Awards ceremony.

Besides a host of exciting side events and brand new initiatives for Africa by Africans, IPA 2017 will offer the following prizes and incentives to winners and nominees:

  • Grand prize of US$100 000
  • Second Prize of US$25 000
  • Special Prize for Social Impact US$25 000
  • A voucher for each of the seven IPA nominees of US$5 000
  • Additional incentives include investment opportunities, training and access to our vibrant network of innovation enablers, ongoing PR support and media coverage

Find below the shortlisted top 10 IPA nominees and a summary of their innovations. These selected nominees will pitch their innovative projects to the esteemed IPA panel of jurors ( http://InnovationPrizeForAfrica.org/ipa-jurors during the closed pitch sessions on July 15th and 16th in Accra). Following their pitch, three winners will be selected and announced during the Awards ceremony slated for 18 July 2017 at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra.

Innovations in communications and smart solutions

Peris Bosire, Kenya: FarmDrive

FarmDrive is a financial technology company that has developed a mobile phone based application that collects data and provides an alternative risk assessment model for small holder farmers. While the continent remains largely dependent on agriculture, one of the biggest challenges facing smallholder farmers is access to credit or finance. Most financial institutions are reluctant to grant credit to farmers because their risk assessment models flag small farmers as being very risky. FarmDrive has developed a new methodology for assessing credit worthiness of farmers that has led to higher acceptance rate of loan applications by farmers while maintaining a very low default rate. This could have the effect of significantly boosting agricultural production on the continent while helping financial institutions cost effectively increase their agricultural loan portfolios.

Nokwethu Khojane, South Africa: Lakheni, Turning Social Capital into Buying Power

Lakheni is a social and business model innovation which seeks to aggregate low-income households into buying-groups in order to negotiate favourable discounts for goods and services supplied to these households. Most poor people end up paying for goods and services at a unit price that is usually much higher than the unit price paid by other people with more disposable income. This is because as goods and services are packaged into smaller and smaller units to make them affordable, they become less economically efficient and end up costing higher than if one was to buy in bulk or in larger units. In essence, the poor end up paying a poverty premium. Lakheni solves this problem by aggregating poor households into a buyer’s market by leveraging mobile technology.

Omolabake Adenle, Nigeria: Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis Software for African Languages

This is a software solution that can understand and digitize spoken African languages, and synthesize speech from African languages presented as digitized text. Digitizing African languages in this way allows Africans to interact with hardware devices such as mobile phones, and digital services such as call-center applications by speaking their local language. The software can be integrated into a wide range of devices and third-party software applications. While voice recognition and speech synthesis software have been developed for various Western and Asian languages, there has been very limited commercial application or academic research for African languages. The difficulty lies in modelling tonality present in most African languages and limited data resources for language modelling. This innovation opens up opportunities for Africans with low literacy levels to also enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution.

Nzola Swasisa, Democratic Republic of Congo: Lokole

Lokole, is a device that enables access to efficient email communication anywhere with cellular coverage at a price that is one hundred to one thousand times cheaper than accessing email via regular cellular bandwidth costs. Lokole achieves this firstly by creating a shareable local area network where up to a hundred users within a 25 meters’ radius can access the network and share the costs. Secondly, it contains advanced algorithms that compress email and also schedules uploads and downloads of data to when data bundles costs are at their cheapest. Costs per user could be as little as $0.01/person/day. More than 71% of the African population doesn’t have access to efficient communications. Lokole solves this communication problem and enables many communities to access efficient communication for the first time. Applications of Lokole include: health (remote-doctor), education (remote-teacher), commerce (purchase orders via email), business (attachment documents) and many more.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and mechanical solutions

Badr Idriss, Morocco: Atlan Space

Atlan Space develops software technology that is then deployed to manage the operations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The software is currently tested for use in managing operations in detecting illegal or harmful maritime activity such as illegal fishing or oil spills over wide expanse areas. UAVs operated by this software can be launched and deployed into monitoring operations without having an aircraft operator. Also, by using Artificial Intelligence they are able to collect data, analyze and produce actionable reports.  African governments face numerous challenges in monitoring activities and operation over wide areas. This includes border patrols, deforestation, animal poaching and maritime activity. The software allows for the deployment of UAVs at a very cost effective price without need for highly skilled human intervention and over a wide number of uses.

Aly El-Shafei, Egypt: Smart Electro-Mechanical Actuator Journal Integrated Bearing “SEMAJIB”

The patented innovation (SEMAJIB) presented by Dr. El-Shafei, is a smart bearing which is versatile and can change its characteristics as it operates.  It consists of a magnetic bearing imbedded in an oil-filled journal bearing, thus forming the smart controllable bearing. The flooding of the bearing with oil is a game changer as the purpose of bearings has traditionally been to expel oil.  There is a significant improvement in turbine performance using the SEMAJIB particularly in single line combined cycle plants, as well as conventional generator technology.  The device is designed to be used to support energy generating turbines and can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs of generating energy in Africa.

Discoveries in healthcare solutions

Dougbeh-Chris Nyan, Liberia: New Technology for Rapid Detection of Many Infections Using Only One Test

This is a rapid diagnostic test that can detect and simultaneously differentiate at least three to seven infections at the same time within 10 to 40 minutes. In most African countries, there is a lack of sophisticated diagnostic devices and limited expertise in high-tech diagnostics. This hinders the clinical decision-making ability of healthcare providers. This test provides a solution to this clinical problem. The innovation is easy to use in any setting and particularly in rural areas. Additionally, the device is able to detect and distinguish multiple infections which bear the same symptoms for instance, when a patient has yellow fever, malaria, and Ebola. Whereas most testing methods take 3 – 7 days, this device gives test results in 10 – 40 minutes. This would provide a significant step in the detection and management of infectious diseases on the continent.

Olanisun Olufemi Adewole, Nigeria: Sweat TB Test, A non-invasive rapid skin test to detect Tuberculosis

Sweat TB Test, is a non-invasive rapid diagnostic test to detect tuberculosis (TB). TB is second only to HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death in Africa. Available methods are high tech; cannot be deployed in rural centres, dependent only sputum which sometimes may not be collectible and considered messy by patients. It is also time consuming with patients making repeated clinic visits before a diagnosis is made. Delay in diagnosis and missed diagnosis of 3million TB cases occur leading to continuous spread of the disease.  Sweat TB Test leverages on TB specific marker in sweat of patients, to produce a point- of- care test to detect TB, within ten minutes, without any needle prick. In simple steps, reports are read and patients commenced on medication as needed at the same clinic visit. It has the potential to contribute towards effectively controlling TB, reduce TB related deaths and holds promise to prevent drug resistance TB in Africa.

Gift Gana, Zimbabwe: Dr. CADx

Dr CADx is a software solution that helps doctors and health care workers diagnose medical images more accurately. Due to the scarcity of radiologists on the continent, most medical images are read by general doctors or other health care workers who lack expertise and end up misdiagnosing more than 30% of the cases that they review. As a result, millions of patients fail to get the right treatment or the treatment is delayed leading to more complications and even death. Dr CADx uses deep learning to interpret medical images and achieve an accuracy of 82% an improvement over the 70% average for radiologists. Dr CADx is designed to work in low resource settings with poor internet connectivity opening it up for use in many rural settings in Africa.

Philippa Ngaju Makobore, Uganda: Electronically Controlled Gravity Feed Infusion Set (ECGF)

The Electronically Controlled Gravity Feed Infusion Set (ECGF) is medical device designed to accurately administer intravenous (IV) fluids and drugs by controlling the rate of fluid flow based on feedback from a drop sensor. Over 10% of children admitted to East African hospitals need immediate infusion therapy. Findings from the FEAST trial indicates that over-infusion in children increased the absolute risk of death by 3.3 % at 48 hours. Erroneous delivery rates can result into serious adverse effects. The ECGF solves this problem as it is very easy to operate and has key safety features which include alarms for rate of infusion (rapid or slow), total volume (over or under) and faulty sensors. A battery utilizing a hybrid (AC mains and solar) charging bed powers the device. The ECGF has the potential to save lives by providing accuracy and safety at 8% the cost of a brand-new infusion pump.

To find out more about activities and partnership opportunities, visit http://event.innovationprizeforafrica.org.

For more details on the 10 nominees, their innovations and related images, please see: http://APO.af/iiG2qY

Dolapo IyunadeJun 15, 2017


The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (FMITI) is partnering with Microsoft, through its Africa Open4Business programme, to digitally transform the delivery of services to the investor community in Nigeria and evolve the regulatory and procedural environment governing business incorporation. By harnessing advances in cloud technologies, FMITI aims to transform the reach and scope of government-to-investor services in the country, creating an agile and investment-friendly environment.

FMITI strongly believes that digital technologies play a pivotal and fundamental role in evaluating and changing the landscape for reforms, with e-reforms becoming the next big thing for Nigeria, for government operations and services, and for the economy at large.

“Our partnership with Microsoft is designed to drive business model innovations, which will transform the delivery of services to current and prospective investors in Nigeria,” said the Honorable Okechukwu Enelamah, Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment. “The objective is to deliver self-provisioned, expedient and technology-driven services to the highly-valued constituencies of investors that we are mandated and keen to serve”.

The partnership between FMITI and Microsoft will tap into the portfolio of services availed through the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, to jointly drive digital transformation and advance Nigeria’s Ease of Doing Business ranking.

Speaking on the support from Microsoft, Hakeen Adeniji-Adele, Public Sector Director at Microsoft Nigeria, says: ““The Africa Open4Business programme helps to tackle one of the main challenges deterring investors: A lack of credible and timely investment-related information. By helping FMITI modernise and digitise this information, we will enable FMITI to engage with investors on a frequent and timely basis, to increase investment levels and, ultimately, the pace of job creation.”

Azza El Shinnawy, Director of Government Solutions, Microsoft Africa Initiatives, adds: “By integrating cloud technology, we will be able to cut down both the time and costs investors spend to incorporate and maintain their businesses in Nigeria. Cloud technology will also help FMITI proactively communicate opportunities to a global community of investors, expanding investment horizons and showing that Nigeria is indeed open for business.”

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