On Wednesday, LeakedSource announced that the Log-in credentials for millions of twitter accounts were being traded in the dark web – 32 Million to be exact. As you would expect, the news travelled quickly with most people wondering how one of the most used social media apps in the world could be so vulnerable.

In other to clear things up, Twitter today published a blog post denying that its site was hacked. Instead, they insisted that the information was probably obtained either from “computers infected with malware capable of scrubbing their owner’s login details…” or from details acquired from hacking other websites.

Twitter also mentioned in the post that since the news broke, it had identified all the affected accounts and had locked all such accounts requiring that their users reset their passwords in other to unlock them.

Finally Twitter also advised users to avoid using the same password on multiple services so that a data breach on one site wouldn’t leave their other unrelated accounts vulnerable.