Wearable technology has been quite popular with the likes of Samsung and Apple smart watches and the rest. Now, Infinix mobility has launched a new collection of wearable technology – X-band (XBO1), a smart bracelet and DNC (XE02), the dual noise cancellation headphones.

The X-band is a smart bracelet which enhances fitness with the latest technology. It is crafted in premium space magnesium alloy and its body is finely processed with brushed metallic texturing. X-band monitors users’ movement from walking to running, it allows users to plan and achieve their fitness goals. Also, the smart bracelet features a digital display screen, which shows time, date and other notifications. Users can receive phone calls with the smart bracelet, which has 7 hours battery life, and is fast charge enabled. The Xband smart-bracelet also works with the customized Xband App that allows users connect and share their fitness goals achieved on social media.

The Infinix DNC headphone is a major upgrade from its predecessor (XE01), which can power for more than 10-hrs on a full charge. The accessory aims to improve sound quality, while disrupting background noise. The headphone comes in a unique 2.5 D wrapped density; it features a red-green-yellow tri color LED indication that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. It also guarantees an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95% with Hi-Fi sound.

Both accessories are a proof of the use of technology to better enhance consumer lifestyle. The innovation doesn’t end with smartphones; the brand’s aim is to create the best experience with technology, hence the invention with new accessories.

Well, I hope the brand achieves its aim.