CNN President Jeff Zucker has unveiled the networks plan to redesign its website. This plan was announced at a  press event in Manhattan last week where he said that CNN will have a new website, a better version compared to the present one that was designed in 2009.

Some of the relevant changes are the colors of the site, which will change from darker hues for less urgent stories, to bold reds for something like the Boston Marathon bombing.The network also said that brought in 42 million unique visitors last month in the United States.

CNNCNN is also targeting the growth in the mobile ecosystem. During the presentation, Zucker and KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of, respectively, repeatedly emphasized the importance of mobile to the network’s future. “Desktop [traffic] is flat. It’s aging,” Estenson said. “Mobile growth [is] off the chart.”

In a slide presented by Estenson, there was a revelation that CNN’s mobile web traffic is up 46% over last summer, and up 70% on CNN’s apps. Altogether, mobile now accounts for 39% of’s traffic. He also admitted that the network doesn’t offer the best experience for mobile viewers and believes that mobile users will get a better feel after the redesign.

The new website will be in private beta until Sept. 30, when it will be introduced to the public. A complete version is expected to debut sometime in November

Image Credit: CNN