October 20, 2017

Youtube Gets New Comment System

AdewaleSep 25, 20134min

YouTube has introduced a new method of posting comments on video that will be powered by Google’s social network, Google+.

youtube commentsThe comment section is characterized by lots of trolling, hateful, confusing and sometimes humorous comments. For other blogs and sites that moderates comments, such comments do not appear in this way. The current YouTube comment platform isn’t good at developing genuine conversation about a video — especially with friends, fans, or others that follow your commentary online.

Google has finally provided a solution, Youtube integration with Google+. The new system will change by using an algorithm that would simply determine whose comment you would likely want to pop up, This would include comments from either your friends, the video creator or popular personalities.

All YouTube users who want to comment on the site need to link their Google identity to YouTube.  So, instead of showing up as nickname on YouTube, you will show up with you real name instead. If you have a Google identity photo, that will show up too and become your YouTube avatar.

Youtube is going to finally introduce threaded conversations, which makes it much easier to see who is saying what to who. The new system basically takes the functionality of commenting on Google+ and applies it to YouTube. This means you’ll not only get threaded conversations, but you’ll also have much more control over who sees your YouTube comments. Also, you’ll be able to moderate comment threads that you start, requiring that all comments get approved before anyone sees them.

With cross posting between Youtube and Google +, for example if you post a Youtube video on Google +, and someone comments on it from there, the comment will also show on Youtube itself. Although you can choose to only have the comment on just Youtube or Google +, which means there will be a lot more control.

Youtube also introduced filters, which means that you can now block certain words or create a blacklist with words that automatically push comments into review, this will allow more control over the comments by automatically not allowing comments, although the content creator can go through and approve later if they so wish and just like before, users can be blocked.

With the latest development, if you want to comment, you need to use a Google identity to do so. And that means displaying your real name and profile photo as well if you have one. This will sure give authors better comment moderating options.

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