October 20, 2017

TECNO WinPad 10 offers easy transition from a tablet to a PC

AdewaleJul 13, 201612min

Wale: Hey Dolapo, you back from school and you are yet to give me all the sweet gist. That’s quite unlike you, I am so expecting the whole happenings and escapades that went down during the semester. Errhmm!! Please get prepared for the meeting scheduled to hold in Lekki, pack my Laptop, take my phone and hail a cab that will take us.

Dolapo: I have been extremely busy with mummy, she is yet to let me rest. That is the reason you haven’t seen me in the office since I got back. I am even eager to gist you, as usual but let us get back from this meeting.  Everything is set and the Cab guy is already waiting outside.

Both get into the back seat of the cab:

Wale: Have you made the corrections to the power point presentation?

Dolapo: Not done, my computer went off early this morning and as usual, No power but not to worry, I will complete it before we get to the venue of the meeting.

Wale: How are you going to get that done? I expect you to have sent it to me. Oh hold on, you still have this computer? No wonder you look less worried.

Dolapo: Of course, this tablet has made life easier for me. I will be done with the edit in less than five minutes.

Wale: I wonder why you keep calling this device a tablet, it is a computer. Can’t you see it has a standard keyboard and you can plug a flash drive to it.

Dolapo: Well I don’t really see it as a computer. It has a front and back camera, the internal memory is not even up to half of what standard computers have. The memory is just 32GB and it uses a memory card, a SIM card and the keyboard is not permanently attached to it so how does that make it a computer?

Wale: You are so right in calling it a tablet with those outlined features, now let me ask you, can you comfortably work on this power point document if you didn’t have a keyboard to use?

Dolapo: Maybe not.

Wale: That’s what am saying, this is a two-in-one device – a tablet and a computer, the reason I prefer to call it a tablet PC.

Dolapo: Okay I agree, I don’t want to argue but honestly I am so pleased with this Tecno WinPad 10 tablet all because it doubles as a tablet and a PC as you have said

Wale: You don’t have to tell me, that tablet-PC made work easy for me too but that was before you took it away. I’d just doc it on the keyboard, continue with work or simply remove it and use it as a tablet.

Dolapo: Now you want me to feel bad, anyway I will try not to because of the value am getting from the tablet.

Wale: No, not trying to make you feel bad. I remember when I got the invitation for the launch of that Winpad 10, I was thinking it would be another Android powered device we are used to. However my notion changed when I got to the venue and saw Intel roll-up banners.

Dolapo: What has roll-up banners got to do with your notion about a tablet launch event?

Wale: It got me thinking and what tripped me over was the thought of a TECNO tablet powered by Intel processors, at that point my interest and arousal was on another level, I just knew it wasn’t going to fall short of expectations.

Dolapo: I really don’t know so much about processors and all those specs ‘jargon’ you like to talk about, all I know is that this tablet puts the power of computing right within reach and made work easier for me.

Wale: What else will you say, but seriously as a computer engineering student, I expect you to know little about specifications. So that means you can’t even fix a small issue with a PC. What are they teaching you in that your school sef? No hating please…

Dolapo: Well I don’t know what you talking about, all I know is that the device has made life better. First of all I do not go to class with my laptop anymore, I only fold this tablet and its convertible keyboard in my hand bag and am good to go.

Wale: Hold on a second.. how do you mean you don’t use Laptops anymore?

Dolapo: Yes I don’t. You see, the distance from my hostel to class is quite a distance and what I always do is carry my hand bag then carry my back pack which has the laptop in it. Walking that distance is just stressful for me and I don’t have a choice because it is compulsory for us to go to class with our computers. Now I do every class work and assignment on this 10.1 inch windows tablet-PC as you always call it.

Wale: So you had to repeat that……

Dolapo: well yes. I have Windows 8.1 installed and Microsoft office suite so I do my basic word processing, excel sheet, power point presentation on it seamlessly with the use of the detachable keyboard which I snap on to the tablet. The interesting thing is that I can place it to look like a laptop.

Wale: Oh so you know it looks like a laptop, I thought you never agreed. You see, the detachable keyboard alone is a three-in-one package because of the stand, the case and the keyboard itself. The design of the tablet is cool too, the display is an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with resolution 1280 x 800 pixel which even makes presentation, graphics display and multimedia consumption brilliant. I suddenly became a game fan and I couldn’t stop playing Asphalt 8, gaming is smooth and overall processing power of the device is just impressive. Well that was before you took the device away…

Dolapo: Did you really have to say that again, but you gave it to me. Maybe you should take it back.

Wale: I won’t mind

Dolapo: I wish I could give you back but I won’t. Wait!! so you really want it back. You don’t seem to be as nice as you used to be. Sorry!!! So did I tell you about the camera, let me act like a techie here. I take pictures with the 5 MP camera and the 3 MP front camera for selfies, however I am just sad that it doesn’t have a flash.

Wale: Why do you need a flash on a PC?

Dolapo: It is a tablet? Tablets have flash please. You know we love pictures and you can’t take that away from us. Do you even know I take pictures in the middle of the night…. Okay I didn’t tell you anything.

The tablet is fast and responsive as I open the Ms Word on it. I play music, use headphones, and what impressed me the most is the fact that it has a micro HDMI and USB port which allows me plug my flash drive to it. Oh Lord!!

Wale: The HDMI and USB capabilities are of my best features on that tablet. Now you see all those responsiveness and good graphics you talked about are delivered by the 64-bit quad core Intel Atom processor clocked at a speed of 1.8GHz and Intel integrated graphics

Dolapo: There you go again, I am only familiar with the word Intel from all you said, every other thing sound like what I don’t even know.

Wale: Okay sorry. What can you say about the battery, I didn’t establish that before you ‘took it away’. No vex abeg, I didn’t intend to emphasize that.

Dolapo: You just did but it still won’t change anything. I won’t return it. So I like the battery, I did my findings and found out it has 7,000 mAh. I really wish you could tell me what that means but I just know the battery last for more than five hours of continuous usage on a single charge.

Wale: I knew the battery would deliver.

Dolapo: Yes it did. Sincerely I just wished the memory could be up to 150GB.

Wale: You have to manage the memory size anyway. Don’t forget the RAM size is 2GB which is just fair for a tablet.

Dolapo: yeah that’s just Okay. RAM is Random Access Memory i suppose, you will have to explain the function of a RAM in devices to me but that will be at a later date because we just got to our destination.

Wale: Where is my presentation?

Dolapo: Sent it to your mail.

Wale: Oh thanks. so fast? You are just smarter than i though.

Dolapo: Don’t thank me, thank my WinPad tablet.

You can watch the video review of the Tecno WinPad 10 here

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