November 24, 2017

Tech Gifts For Le Boo on Valentine’s Day!

Olawale AdeyinaFeb 12, 20137min

Ok, so in case you haven’t gotten the memo, le boo and husbands association of Nigeria have made it public that they do not want BYC t-shirt/singlet, tie, socks, etc for a Valentines gift. In fact, reports have it that as you present them with such, they will be changing it for you sharpish. No time. So, because we want everybody to get along this lovely season, we’ve compiled a list of top tech gifts to get for le boo/hubby for Vals day, especially if he is tech savvy and a gadget freak. Don’t worry about price, they’re very affordable and they are more thoughtful than cakes and perfumes.  Ok bye!

An External hard Drive

External Hard drive –When it comes to backing up, the more is always the better. That said, even the most careful user would appreciate a portable drive, and they can also use it as an expansion of the computer’s storage space, making this device an excellent gift when you’re just not sure what to buy. But make sure he has need of it so it doesn’t just lay somewhere useless. Oh well, what tech savvy guy would not need more space for his package?

A Plug Surge Protector

We use these at our office to protect our equipment and deal with odd-shaped wall warts (plugs). Each three-prong outlet can adjust independently to accommodate wacky AC plugs and chargers (looking at you, Apple), and numerous different, inexpensive sub versions are available at electrical/high tech stores across the country.  One for the office, one at home; this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can acquire for le boo who is tech savvy because he needs it but does not realize he does. Imagine the grin on his face when colleagues ask to share it or how much he got it… he will preach your gospel!

Apple iPad (4th generation)

If you’re on a high budget; depending on how the love is ‘shacking’ you, you’ll want to stop here first. The iPad has more apps and faster performance of any other tablet. Its ecosystem of content runs the gamut through movies, TV shows, music, games, and books. Its 9.7-inch screen is beautiful, and its simplified OS makes it palpable to both the young and old.

For the Geeky women

We don’t need to send a memo, no. we pass the message across in words, actions, expressions. Basically, our eyes do the talking and our friends’ new acquisition, ah that’s your cue to DO something! So here’s the deal; no cards for Valentines, natural flowers maybe, perfumes-most definitely, a cake-why yes! But the real package is in the reading… enjoy!

Samsung galaxy note II

We are well aware that social websites and apps like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are dominated by women. This oversized, tablet-esque phone offers a big screen and 8-megapixel camera for easy sharing on the go. It’s not as costly as the iPhone but it comes with extra wads of money. If you want to spend the extra money on her, we oblige you! She will show you off brother!!!

The Hobbit

Tech savvy sisters sometimes have interesting choice in books; they like to be perceived as oddly intelligent. A certain someone said the movie, the Hobbit is really a good watch, so here’s my 1pound tip; take her to the cinema’s to watch this flick. After the movie, when she must be going on and on about how awesome the movie was, give her this hardcover special edition of The Hobbit which has brand new reproductions of all the drawings and maps by J.R.R. Tolkien. Thank me later.

Marc Jacobs Computer Commuter

Because she’s a geek doesn’t mean she can’t be chic! If she has a MacBook Pro or PC with similar shape, well, you know she will need a beautiful carry case for it. Marc Jacobs’ Pretty Nylon Computer Commuter, which comes in both 13-inch and 15-inch models, has all of the elements of a perfect laptop carrying case. And, it’s just what she’ll need for work, travel or storage.

It’s 100 percent nylon (which also makes it water resistant and easily cleanable), has two top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Even better, it comes in several different patterns, prints and colors for a truly unique style. The 13-inch is listed at $118, and the 15-inch is listed as $128 on the Marc Jacobs website.

Smartphone Accessories

Accessories for your beloved’s smartphone will definitely always be appreciated. After all, we career, tech savvy, geek chics are often glued to our phones.

Happy Valentine………Enjoy the video

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