Sony recently announced that global PlayStation 4 sales have reached 2.1 million units worldwide.

The PlayStation 4 hit North America on November 15 and quickly became a sales hit. it was announced by Sony at that time that it sold 1 million PlayStation 4 units in just 24 hours.

I think that’s a good way towards the 5 million target that it is aiming to reach by March 2014, and it comes at a time when the PS4 is still not widely available in all parts of the world:  It’s now available in 32 countries. You can get the device in Nigeria on some Online stores.

Microsoft last month announced that its Xbox One reached 1 million units sold in 24 hours, as well. However, the Xbox One launched in 13 markets, compared to only two for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft has not shared unit sales figures since last month.