Snapchat has introduced a new way for snapchatters to store, search and share snaps which kind of sounds like you creating an archive or collection for your wonderful memories on Snapchat and this new platform is called “Memories”

 Very funny…I know right?

You know with the introduction of “Memories”, Snapchat seems quite hilarious to me because while its social network competitors seems to be figuring out a way of making us enjoy our memories right now, they instead want to give us an opportunity to relive the past, which when you think of it is actually very thoughtful of them.

The archive for Memories is made available in the app itself:  it organises, edits and shares videos and pictures no matter how long it has been taken.

The new feature can be accessed by swiping up from the camera screen. Usually, Snapchat allows you save your pictures or videos to your gallery but now you can save it to the Snapchat server which stores your videos or pictures in a section made available for “Memories” in the app.

When you go to memories, just in case you have a lot of pictures, it allows you look for your pictures and videos as fast as possible by typing in keywords that could be used to identify the picture or video you want to see. You can also create a full story with old and new pictures or videos for special events like funerals, anniversary, etc from your archives.

snapchat 1For those pictures or videos that you think could be too embarrassing to show other people except yourself; Snapchat makes available “My eyes only”, a feature that allows you to store pictures for just yourself and you could even password it.

Memories is such a big improvement on the part of Snapchat but i don’t think it is made available yet especially for those of us here in Nigeria but stay put and update yourself with Team Snapchat to know when you could start having fun and exploring  with “Memories”