November 20, 2017

Dear Tweeps, Shall we leave “KFB for a DM” in 2016?

Benjamin DadaJan 3, 20174min

Editors note: This post goes into a lot of detail for the n00b looking to make the most out of Twitter in 2017. It assumes little/no knowledge about the related Twitter terminologies. Please skip to the last sentence if you are a Veteran, else enjoy the embedded humour. 

You are not a Veteran if you don’t know what “KFB for a DM” means so, feel free to read on.

Translation: “Kindly Follow Back for a Direct Message”.

When is it used?

Every platform has its own lingo/slang. And for Twitter, it is FOLLOW; which is akin to the “Friend Request” we see on FB (aaargh, you really need to up your abbreviations game, FB = Facebook).

Like every other social media platform, it is majorly about sharing and connecting with friends, families, and strangers (if you like). With the connecting bit being our focus for today.

Typically, a DM is basically a private message sent from one User to another (although, thanks to accounts like @SubDeliveryMan, @TrailerJamShow and @MyHoeStory; DMs are not as private anymore, LOL). Interestingly, the accounts mentioned above leverage what I talk about towards the end of this posts – “Open DMs”.

Unlike FB, where following someone doesn’t mean the person automatically follows you; while you get to see the status updates of the person, the person can’t see yours – except they did a search – there are a plethora of reasons people follow back on Twitter and one Twitter User, @DJwoske did a poll on why people followed back.

Another thing about the whole “follow” palava is that you can’t DM someone who doesn’t follow you (Hooray! At least this person has a reason to follow me back, so I can DM).

Sadly, In 2016, Twitter has since published a setting that makes your “DMs Open” meaning, anyone can message you and vice-versa. Hence, that line, “KFB for a DM” is no longer valid.

What is this life?

Guess we have to find a new way to get follow backs – read the last paragraph.

Oh well, here is a bonus if you didn’t know about that feature; simply go to your settings and check the box next to Receive Direct Messages from anyone. More information:

PRO-TIP: Every disappointment is a blessing, with this “Open DMs” you can send your “KFBs” as a private message. Of course, you are better off adding more flesh to it (This is how I got some “Twitter Celebs” to follow me back). May the force be with you!

How have you gotten people to follow you back? Kindly share with me in the comment section or on Twitter!

Benjamin Dada

MSc Candidate at Lancaster University Management School. Xoogler.
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