November 20, 2017

ScholarX : The Scholarship App

BellaRose OkojieBellaRose OkojieJun 20, 20172min

ScholarX is a technology enabled Social Enterprise that helps Nigerian youth (soon whole of Africa) access quality education cheaper or free though scholarships and other opportunities. Having launched in July 2016 on Android and iPhone apps, the app has accumulated over 5,000 users and continues to grow rapidly. It is run by Maxwell Ogunfuyi, Bola Lawal and Abayomi Johnson. Co-Founder and COO Maxwell Ogunfuyi is a Nigerian based serial entrepreneur, naturally occurring motivational speaker, Senior Network Engineer with over 9 years working experience in Telecom environment with organisations like Spectranet Ltd, SWAP Technologies, Etisalat (EMTS) and Alan-Dick West Africa. Abolade Lawal Co-Founder and CEO Abolade Lawal (Bola) is a US based Nigerian American Business Consultant with a wealth of experience that spans over 8 years with companies such as Conoco Philips, Accenture and Shell. Abayomi Johnson Co-founder Abayomi Johnson is a seasoned IT Consultant with 9 years experience in the information technology and telecommunication industry. He is the Founder and CEO of Bisobim Online Store. Abayomi graduated from the Lagos State University with a Degree in Electronics/Computer Engineering

Bola visited Nigeria earlier in the year and sat down with me as we talked about the education sector in Nigeria; the realities in Houston, US, how scholarships really work, the safety of Nigerians (or blacks) in countries where racism is rife but scholarship opportunities abound.

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