SanDisk just made available for Apple, the Ixpand Memory case which comes with the Ixpand Case app that allows the case expand the phone memory, access and manages your content stored in your phone; the app also automatically organizes and arranges all the content into photos, video and files which gets you quick access to view your photos and play your videos, music and access other files with easy sorting options. It also provides more power with the add-on battery pack.

So I’m guessing that since IPhone has refused to expand their internal storage of 16GB and making it difficult to solve the problem using third-party accessories or apps which makes data storage quite tiring for apple users. SanDisk decided to step in by providing the peripheral that would especially, above all its other features increase the storage capacity of the IPhone.

The Ixpand Memory case comes in 32GB for $59, 64GB for $99 and 128GB for $129, all available on Amazon in the colour Red, Grey, Sky, and Mint but sadly this accessory is only available for IPhone 6 and IPhone 6S plus users alone.

I’m quite disappointed but let’s hope SanDisk provides more solutions with time.