Samsung might be rolling out a new scheme to sell refurbished high-end phones of the Galaxy S and Note series. Reuters reports that this might take effect from early 2017 and will see the brand refurbishing phones returned, in a bid to upgrade its programme in countries like U.S and South Korea, to sell in emerging markets.

This seems a great idea as the new Galaxy S7, and Note 7 might be exceptionally great, but also relatively expensive when tallied against the income of average people.

Reuters also report that Samsung wants to increase its cost efficiency and keep operating margins above ten percent. Sales of refurbished phones at a reduced price would maintain competitiveness in countries like China where strong competitions arise from brands like Huawei and OPPO.  This however might not work in countries like India where the government rejected a bid by Apple to sell refurbished phones.

samsung 3

As much as this might boost Samsung’s revenue, it will definitely affect sales of less expensive phones by the brand like the Galaxy A series in emerging markets.

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