Following the isolated battery cell problems related to charging the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices,  Samsung West Africa has announced the postponement of the launch of Samsung  Galaxy note 7 in Nigeria.

It is now set to announce new launch date for Galaxy Note 7, as it commences replacement program.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung had announced on September 2, 2016, an official Galaxy Note 7 replacement program due to a rare battery cell manufacturing error which had led to a number of  reported incidents.

The company  stated that

 “since customers’ safety is our top priority, all Galaxy Note 7 purchased are eligible for replacement despite the original place of purchase.”

Even though the Galaxy Note 7 has not been released in Nigeria, the current Galaxy Note 7 users are kindly advised to visit the nearest Samsung Authorized Service Centre for immediate assistance about replacement program.

Samsung  acknowledges the inconvenience this cause, but this is to ensure that Samsung continues to deliver the highest quality products to Samsung customers. Samsung is completely committed to fixing this problem and ensuring the highest level of safety and satisfaction for its customers