October 20, 2017

Roborebe: Free Classified ads and job Solution in Nigeria

AdewaleSep 16, 20133min

Roborebe has resisted the tradition usually engaged by most classified ads website that combine classifieds and jobs together on one major page. Roborebe is divided into two major segments.

One is the job section which is an entirely new concept in recruitment and the second section is the classified ads section which is not just classifieds, but a shopping experience.roborebe, roborebedotcom

The platform offers candidates the opportunity to place their profiles on the website as well as a 3-5 min video pitch of themselves thereby allowing recruiters who need your skills to find you easily. This is a major shift from the traditional way of searching for jobs to having recruiters search for you since getting jobs nowadays has been a very difficult task.

Candidates are also expected to start and contribute to professional discussions within their fields. Recruiters are given the opportunity to search for their target candidates with effective search filters. They also have access to the profiles, videos and discussions of their potential candidates. A recruiter can alsoinitiate a professional discussion on the website to attract potential candidates. This saves recruiters time and money. All these services on Roborebe are absolutely free for both recruiters and candidates.

There is also a lack of market for used products in Nigeria. It is difficult to get a fair price for products which have been used and are in good condition because the seller is limited to only a few buyers. Roborebe is also providing a platform for anybody to reach a huge online market without having to pay any charges for marketing on the website.

All users have to do is post a free ad on the website with photos and videos of their goods and services as well as their contact details. Interested buyers or customers can then contact them for the purchase of their goods and services.

Roborebe represents a shift from the typical classified ads website to an aesthetically beautiful site that creates a shopping experience rather than a directory.

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