August 19, 2017
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Bola LawalAug 18, 20175min

Most people would agree that life is a journey; not a race, and our actions and experiences will shape how far we get to travel through life. I believe this hypothesis also applies to the Startup world in the sense that, your encounters/experiences, and the way you respond can and will significantly shape your journey.

Like I always try to remind myself, it has only been a year since I made the jump to full time entrepreneurship, and the experience has been amazing. Though it could be rough at times, the feeling of excitement and fulfillment never goes away and that’s what keeps the fire burning. During this period, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world, and if I’m not traveling somewhere to speak, it’s to go pitch to an investor, to check with the team in Lagos or to attend an accelerator/Incubator. You get the drift. Like our people would say in pidgin “I don waka well well“. Lol.


Anibe IdajiliAnibe IdajiliAug 17, 20174min

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’s (UNIDO)’s Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) said it is set to equip Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria with its Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting –COMFAR tools and methodologies for project appraisal.

The United Nations projects that Nigeria’s population would increase to 200 million in two years and most of these people are entrepreneurs. The UN believes that if they are trained now, it will affect the economy positively, especially when the population increases further.


Paul AdepojuAug 17, 20172min

Deborah Liu, Facebook’s VP for Marketplace,  has announced the roll out of Facebook Marketplace to 17 countries across Europe (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland), giving more people a single destination on Facebook to discover, buy and sell goods in their local communities.

Marketplace has already expanded to six countries – Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK.


Anibe IdajiliAnibe IdajiliAug 16, 20173min

SeedStars World, the global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets and fast-growing startup scenes is returning to Nigeria, and calling on early stage startups to apply for Seedstars Lagos, which will be held on the 25th of August.


To qualify for the Seedstars Lagos event, startups need to:
  • Be less than 2 years old.
  • Have raised less than USD 500,000 in funding.
  • Have built a minimum viable product, ideally with existing traction.

The Seedstars World team is also searching for one additional criterion – the startup’s regional and global scalability.

With a strong network of international partners such as BBVA, Merck, Enel, Trecc and Standard Bank, Seedstars World is looking for smart startups that solve regional issues and develop profitable products for the global market, to support their regional businesses and growth.


Aishat AdamsonAishat AdamsonAug 14, 20172min

Startup Grind Lagos will be hosting Muyiwa Matuluko, co-founder of – One of Nigeria’s widely read tech blogs, in her fireside chat for the month of August Meetup.

Startup Grind is an independent startup community, actively educating, and connecting entrepreneurs in over 200 cities through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs.

In July, Startup Grind Lagos hosted Pheelz Mr. Producer @Pheelzonthebeat and had previously hosted Oluyomi Ojo, the CEO of Printivo, among others at the monthly Meetup event.


Anibe IdajiliAnibe IdajiliAug 14, 20176min

Technology is evolving fast and everyone accepts that they need to “do social media”. But with so many guides and blogs talking about the best practices available, should we just jump in and “do” it? What are the risks of making huge social media mistakes that could destroy our businesses?

Here are 15 social media mistakes startups make with their promotions, and the ways to avoid each one:

1. No Plan

You have awesome ideas for marketing your product or service, but you never follow through. Before embarking on a social media marketing strategy, you need to have a strategy. Simple.


Anibe IdajiliAnibe IdajiliAug 14, 20175min

Of course, not all companies are in the tech industry, but almost every company has a tech department. Like in the culture at other companies, tech companies can be just as vibrant and fun as any for techies.

You should probably consider being in tech because you’d never have to worry about these issues:

1. Boredom

Think that working in tech means you don’t need to rely on other people or things to entertain you? Of course, it’s about development, inventiveness and creativity, but no, it’s not all cold and hard logic in tech. You may not have the luxury of jumping all over the place, but you’ll be coming up with solutions to problems and maybe even completely new innovations while having fun.


Paul AdepojuAug 14, 20172min

Rocket Internet, owners of Jumia and several other major tech companies, this morning announced that its Management Board with consent of the Supervisory Board, has resolved to carry out a share buy-back program with a total maximum consideration (excluding ancillary costs) of up to 100 million Euro and a maximum volume of up to 5,000,000 shares, representing a maximum of up to 3.03% of the outstanding share capital of Rocket Internet.

In a statement made available to TechCity, Rocket Internet said the buy-back will be executed via Xetra trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and will begin on August 14, 2017 and end on April 30, 2018. The repurchased shares are intended to be redeemed, and Rocket Internet’s share capital is intended to be reduced accordingly.


Anibe IdajiliAnibe IdajiliAug 10, 20177min

A good definition for a startup is an organization seeking a business model that is both repetitive and scalable. So, it is understandable that even a failing startup must have had to provide products or services under conditions of extreme uncertainties about the market, customers, resources, channels, pricing, and strategy.

With companies like Yahoo, Myspace, and Dell, who seemed to have been doing everything right failing, it’s imperative for startups to validate their business models. They must keep iterating and adapting to industry trends, if they must stay afloat.


Paul AdepojuAug 10, 20172min

Nigeria’s traveling to several African cities can now book hotels in such destinations from one of Nigeria’s major online booking platforms,

Speaking to TechCity, the founder and CEO of the startup, Femi Okanla, said the move is in line with the company’s projected business framework, adding that the demand and request from customers for bookings outside Nigeria accelerated the push for the expansion.

Reminiscing on the experience the company had when interacting with the hotels in other African countries that are now accessible on, Okanla said they enjoyed warm reception from the hotels who, according to him, have high interest in having their hotels available to Nigerian travelers.