A new edutech solution that targets Nigerian schools and students has been launched by Vericore Technologies Ltd, an indigenous Nigerian technology firm, it is called Wizitup. According to the company, the innovation aims to redefine Africa’s future with digital education.

Speaking at the unveiling of the products, Mr Felix Imafidon, The Chief Operations Officer of Vericore Technologies described the products as “innovative approach that blends learning and fun for today’s students, and uses different methodologies to meet the need of all students, irrespective of their learning styles.”

According to him Wizitup was created to ensure that educators and their students get credible and exciting teaching and learning resources within and outside the classroom.

“Wizitup transforms education with the use of digital tools, for self learning, teaching in the classroom, and enabling smart schools. Students nowadays are better clued about technology than their parents and teachers, and use it on a regular basis.  A large part of young people’s lifestyle is engrossed in technology and so it is only smart to use the reality of these students as part of their teaching and learning, else learning will remain difficult as it is,” he said.

The WizitUp Learn-on-the-go tablets, referred to as “WizPad” allows students to learn at their own pace using ready-made contents in the form of cartoons, games, illustrated textbooks, and practice tests. The contents have been developed in line with the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) curriculum and it is currently available for students in primary schools.

There is also a solution for classrooms called the ‘In-Classroom Solution’ that has resources including Songs and Rhymes, Animations, Simulations, Illustrations, e-Books and Lesson Plans. Teachers can use these tools to teach and engage their students in the classrooms, making lessons fun, much more effective and exciting.