October 18, 2017

Mommy Things: Master the Digital Parenting with FamilyTime App

Dolapo IyunadeApr 21, 20174min

Mommies have a lot to do. House, work, and kids. Amidst all this, managing their digital routine can be a bit of a task. There is a lot to look after. How much time are they spending surfing, social networking and playing video games? Are they safe? Who are they talking to and what are they sharing? In the case of teenagers, their road safety also becomes important. You have to let them be independent but at the same time be secure.

These duties along with others, cause stress for the moms. They often end up too worried and too tired. However, the smart technology has a way to help you out and that is in the form of parental control apps. Yes, child safety experts advise regular monitoring of the kids’ online and digital activity. These apps cover that and also allow you to keep track of your kids all day long.


Digital helping hand

Take the example FamilyTime app that is one of the best in this area. Look at the different ways it can facilitate all the moms out there:


Effortless monitoring

  • Monitor your kids round the clock from anywhere and everywhere. View their browser history, call logs, contact details and SMS to know what they are up to. Catch shady and unacceptable activity in time and protect your kids in time.
  • Keep a check on suspicious people in their contact list.


Effective control

  • Filter the adult movies, TV shows, books, apps and games on iTunes. Allow your kids to view the appropriate stuff only. Toggle off in-app purchase and downloading.
  • View all the apps and block the ones that are unsafe, allow sexting, anonymous chatting and encourage addiction.
  • Build a digital routine with smart screen locks. Use them after bedtime, during meals and when studying to keep the distractions away. Have a digital detox with phone locks and spend device-free time.
  • Make sure they drive safely by setting up driving speeds and get alerts for over speeding.


Regular updates

  • Stay connected with them all day through location tracking. Minimize the chances of sneaking out at night and going to places that might be dangerous for them with the help of Geofence system. Get alerts when they enter or leave the specified places.
  • Get notified through panic alerts and pickup reminders.

Do all this with a single application. Manage all your kids from one place and stay connected to them all the time.


Relieve the stress

Instead of stressing yourself out, get the FamilyTime app to help you out. You can put one worry to rest and handle the others. All you have to do is check your phone or web device to know where your kids are and what are they doing on the internet. It cannot get easier than this! Digital parenting is essential for raising responsible and safe kids. So, go ahead and ace it!

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