Premier connectivity and data centre solution providers, Mainone, announced on August 12, 2016, that its Data Center subsidiary MDXI is now an SAP-certified provider of Infrastructure services for SAP Solutions.

This implies that MDXI is a confirmed provider of efficient cloud and infrastructure services for clients running SAP solutions, and is recognized as the company’s  Data Center.

The certification of MDXI gives it license to host and manage SAP applications for Mainone across its private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions through a consumption based delivery model.  MDXI will provide a affordable but reliable model for mission-critical apps for its customers. Customers that depend on Mainone’s data for hosting will thus be enabled to focus on the business value of their solutions and benefits from reduced expenses from extra expenses provided by a commercial data center.

Speaking as she received the certificate, Funke Opeke the Chief Executive Officer of Main One said:

We are pleased to receive the SAP certification for Infrastructure Operations Services, as it validates our commitment to providing world-class data center and cloud solutions in Nigeria. With this certification from SAP, it is now possible for Nigerian enterprises and businesses to host SAP applications in-country on MDXi’s Cloud platform and optimize their accounting processes, data analytics and sales chain management. This will improve response times for SAP applications, ensure data security and assure more cost effective subscription charges”.

Kudzai Danha the Managing director of Mainone also spoke during his award presentation;

“More than ever, SAP Africa is excited about the certification of Main One as the first Infrastructure Operations Services partner. This means MainOne Data Center is now SAP HANA® ready and well positioned to support SAP customers who wants to innovate and redesign their business processes. The current market demand attractive business applications that are simple and fast. The cloud technology presents the market with such great business opportunities.”

With the SAP certification process is a rigorous one which culminates with an onsite audit session to ascertain the provider meets all the local and global requirements given by SAP to run its apps. Some criteria including quality and knowledge management, data center, network and connectivity, back up and data recovery, IT service management and project management were met by MDXI.

Areas MDXI demonstrated competence includes all aspects of infrastructure operations, possessing a comprehensive operations manual, system landscape diagrams, security guidelines, OS access, required technical skills amongst others.