A lot of people are not excited about the fact that future smartphones might not come with the regular 3.5mm headphone jack . Intel is however trying to make sure the public is aware of the benefits of the USB type C ports as a better alternative to the 3.5 mm jacks.

This is mainly because rumors have it that the new Apple Iphone would not be having any connectors, except its proprietary lightning jack similar to what some Android phones made this year already have. The fact that one would have to purchase a dongle to connect one’s headphones to the phone seems to cause some worry for consumers.


Considering how the 3.5mm jack and its components take space inside a phone and might cause interference with it’s components, it is believed discarding it for the new USB type C would create space for other things like a bigger speaker.

Also the new USB type C delivers better sound and one can even get surround sounds and noise cancellation on regular headphones. USB type C also conserves power by disabling the microphone when not in use and charges the noise cancellation headphones while music plays on the headphones.

The only drawback of this new USB type C is that one would not be able to listen to music while charging the device except with a special dongle, and might not be able to connect old earphones or cables without the same dongle.

The USB type C only related to to Android devices, and it already comes with the Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 uses it,  LG’s G5 and Huawei P 9, and Apple’s latest Macbook.

 Iphones will continue with their Lightning connector on the iPhone, which is also digital offers a variety of advantages over an analog jack.