October 20, 2017

Introducing Insidify: Africa’s 1st Social job site

Olawale AdeyinaSep 3, 20133min

Insidify is Africa’s 1st Social job site. Insidify combines the most powerful features from Facebook and Google to help job seekers land their dream jobs and expand their professional network.

The website aggregates jobs from everywhere (job sites, company career pages, newspapers etc) into its search engine, just like Google does for the whole internet so job seekers can have a unified search experience. The site is also a social media platform that helps job seekers find people on their Facebook, LinkedIn and email contacts who work in any of the companies that advertise the vacancies aggregated on the search engine.  This means job seekers get to know when any job that fit their qualification is posted anywhere across the internet and persons within their network who might be able to help them get these jobs.

There are presently over 100,000 new jobs aggregated on Insidify.com, by far the largest collection of job postings in Africa.


On the employer side of things, Insidify helps employers search intelligently through their growing database of job seekers for free, online, real-time. Employers get a chance to search through thousands of job seekers by any criteria, making it far easier for them to pin-point the best fit for positions. What is more, employers get to see more than just CVs, they see jobseekers’ pictures, career highlights, “social footprint” e.t.c.

There are several Nigerian job sites already, but Insidify comes on board with a truly innovative and unique philosophy and sets of services. Insidify is unifying the job search experience, just as Google does for the whole internet, making searching for jobs far easier. The social media connections also takes networking for jobs to a whole different level.  The future of recruitment is undoubtedly social and Insidify is not only helping Nigerians get into this future, it is defining it. According to Deji Lana, Co-founder at Insidify.com ” Yes we are new and people think what we are doing at Insidify.com is truly world class, but we are not resting, we are driven by a passion to make impact, to deliver real value, we drive ourselves each day to invent, innovate and do more for the customer, we dont put a cap on creativity, or a limit on what is possible. The way we see Insidify.com, this is only the beginning.”

Olawale Adeyina

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