No need to cry anymore when you accidentally download or update an app with your mobile data. Google just made available a new Delta Algorithm – sdiff, which reduces the update size of apps. The algorithm works by by compressing the size of the patches of the apps and games so you save your data during updates.

Everyone knows that the cost for updating your Google Play apps especially with your mobile data could make your hairs fall off your head which makes people like me wait till we have WI-FI available.

Asides from compressing heavy apps, the new improvements introduced by Google will now show the exact size of each app on the Google Play store listing page. So with this, you’ll be sure just how much date you’ll be using in downloading the app.

I’m pretty sure you’re happy to hear this. However if you hurry to the Play store to binge on apps you’ve been looking forward to downloading, and don’t see these changes, don’t panic. It’s coming soon.