You no longer have to go to a third-party site to search for the lyrics to millions of songs as Google will soon be showing you the same lyrics right from its search results.

Exciting right? We can all now save time and use less of our mobile data.

To the best of my knowledge, not many people paid attention to why Google never showed song lyrics in search results like it does with movies, sports results and other necessities that it offers

If you didn’t take note, now you should but i think it is quite late though…Why? You may ask…

The reason behind Google’s unwillingness to show these lyrics before was because like any other site that profits from song lyrics, it has to pay a fee to the song’s right owners like, the artists and publishers.

Google just recently made a deal with a licensing middleman Lyricfind that allows millions of lyrics to songs available to you at the top of Google’s search result. To check it out; type in the name of the song and a little of its lyrics while Google makes available most of the lyrics on the search page but you would have to check Google play music to see the complete version.

Unfortunately right now, not every song you want would be available because only the United States has been logged into the system but since Lyricfind operates internationally; we can only hope that other countries would be logged in soon. Meanwhile, this smells like more money to artists.

Well done to Google as you keep growing.