Google, is reportedly planning to release a new branded phone at the end of this year and it would be different from the Nexus– the phone manufactured with their current partners.

Google trying to own its own android phone hasn’t ever been a hidden subject in the tech society but the only problem seems to be the fact that the suggested timeline for the end of this year is quite unexpected and the funny story behind it is that, no production process has been published and Google hasn’t made a remark on it yet.

Which means at this point, we are left to wonder if it is a rumour or not…

But the body did have the initial plan of having their Android device in the year 2017, so this could mean that with the new supposed development: they are probably, currently working on rushing the process that has no signs of working out at the moment. Google plans to produce a pixel device which apparently sounds really exceptional on paper, but would it make sense especially since it requires a huge push into the hardware market?

Even though the story hasn’t been confirmed yet; Google seems to want to take more control over its devices under Nexus, maybe even control the android society at a larger scale and guarantee the extreme use of the Google play services on every Smartphone but if we think about it, Google already does that with the play store available on every android devices and of course, the Nexus phones which run at every software program desired by Google.

So the mystery question is; what exactly does the multinational technology company want with the new phone to make them in such a hurry to release it?