November 24, 2017

Gabon shuts down country’s internet after election results cause unrest

Jayson OyibuSep 2, 20162min

Gabon’s largest telecom company, Gabon telecom, in collaboration with the government of Gabon shut down the country’s internet since Wednesday, August 31, 2016.
The decision was taken after the violence that broke out on the announcement of President Ali Bongo’s re-election for another seven-years in office.
Even though the telecom company tried to cover up by blaming their decision on slow internet bandwidth and limited access during the weekend before; everything just seemed to pour down on the country obviously violating the rights of their citizens.

gabon internet
Gabon Bandwith Charts

The authority decided to play deaf to protests against this action even after Deji Bryce Olutokun, the senior global advocacy manager at the digital rights advocacy group Access commented against it.
Gabon is currently following the footsteps of since other Africa countries found playing around with their internet services after the post-election results causes unrest. Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Chad and Republic of Congo all `shut down their internet services during their recent election polls. Ghana almost joined the league but was obstructed half-way down the lane.
The president’s office blames Jean Ping, the election opposition party for the violence in Gabon but where does the internet stand in this new country’s found chaos?

Jayson Oyibu

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