photo credit: droid-life

Samsung Pay -Samsung’s mobile payment service- is now available on GearS2 Smartwatch. This mobile payment service has been available for almost a year now but only on some Samsung Smartphones. Last year, the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic smartwatches were launched and the company announced that the devices would soon support Samsung Pay. It looks like the company kept to their promise because now, they rolled out an update to the smartwatches and which adds Samsung Pay to the Gear S2. According to a support page on the company’s website, the beta version of Samsung Pay is now available to all Gear S2 users.

On Samsung’s phones, Pay uses both NFC and MST to ensure you can pay at almost any terminal. However, the Gear S2 lacks the hardware for MST. That means you’ll only be able to use Samsung Pay from your watch with terminals that support NFC.

To use Samsung Pay on their smartwatch, Gear S2 owners have to update to the latest firmware and then download the latest update for the Samsung Gear app. With that installed, you will then need to setup a secure password on your Gear S2 before adding support cards. The watch app does not automatically share the cards you’ve added to the phone app, so you have to add them again to the watch. After adding your cards, press and hold the back button to launch the app, select your card, and hold the watch up to the scanner. That’s it!

P.S: Samsung Pay Beta on the Gear S2 is only available in the US for now. According to Samsung support, it’s also not available on the 3G models (Bluetooth only for now)