November 18, 2017

Come and see what Valentine has caused!

Benjamin DadaFeb 11, 20172min

The Valentine season always creates mixed feelings depending on whether you are single or hooked. Mind you, that you are hooked doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed happiness as boys always experience the proverbial high blood pressure to deliver. BTW, Ladies should also feel the heat, check here for ideas.

Twist: Does it always have to be that way? I mean, checking through the dictionary, only a Card is sent on St. Valentines day, 14 February. So, where we did we get that idea of buying things outside our reach for cherished. [cut] This post is not even about the idea of valentine but the comical skits that have emerged as a result. Below are 3 videos about Valentine. Sit back and enjoy.

This post is not even about the idea of valentine but the comical skits that have emerged as a result.

Below are 3 short videos about Valentine from boys all over the world. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Social Media and stand-up Comedian Ebiye opened the floor on the 9th of February with this skit.

2. On the same day, Winner of MTV BFS Challenge, Music minister with an ability to mimic voices, Tomiwa Immanuel drops this on his Twitter page.

3. Two days later, TechCityNG Writer drops a shade on his Twitter Page.

There you have it!

Ladies, let us know the kind of pressure you come under as a result of the Valentine season. You deserve a say too 🙂

Happy Lovers day in advance!

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