July 23, 2017
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Aishat AdamsonAishat AdamsonJul 11, 2017


GirlCode Academy is a platform for the human capital development of talented and aspiring young Nigerian women who have a passion for acquiring technical skills in areas of software and web application development.

GirlCode Academy

The GCA2017 Scholars Program was opened for application in June, with over a 100 applicants shortlisted for interviews. The process included a one-on-one with a Panel of Mentors and Faculty which turned out to be a very good experience and a great moment of interaction among women across the country willing to learn and be trained on how to code.

only 25 of the young women made it to the Academy.

The GCA2017 Scholars have been selected and Inducted – only 25 of the young women made it to the Academy.

GirlCode Academy
Speaking on the curriculum, Mr. AKINDE Akinshola, a member of the faculty said; “The Academy has designed the curriculum to suit new adopters and starters and help them grab programming concepts in no time. The style of teaching and assessment methodology makes it suitable for the Scholars to scale very fast and become very creative and logical”.

He also stressed that the training sessions will combine intensive hands-on practical classes with rigorous and intense self-assessment methods with a total focus on delivering quality at every point of the learning process and internship opportunities are available for the students at various companies, which can lead to a permanent job placement.

GirlCode Academy

Also speaking at the Event, the Program Director – Ms. Adeola Haruna spoke on the plan to expand the Academy to other parts of the country which is already a work in progress.

Aishat AdamsonAishat AdamsonJul 10, 2017


Somalia’s government says an ongoing internet outage is costing the country $10m (£7.7m) each day. The outage which affects southern Somalia was caused by damage to an undersea fibre-optic cable more than two weeks ago.

fibre optic, Somalia

This major disaster is costing Somalia more than $130m. – Abdi Anshur Hassan

Somali Post and Telecommunications Minister Abdi Anshur Hassan has called the incident a “major disaster”, costing Somalia “more than $130m”.

According to the Minister, the cable was being fixed and service will be restored “this week”.

An overall estimate of the country’s internet carried out by the International Telecommunication Union reveals that in Somalia, just 1.6% of the population used the internet in  2014.

That same year, 3G mobile phone services in southern Somalia were cut off because of a threat from al-Shabab Islamist militants and the ban has stayed in place ever since.

Satellite internet is said to be available, but users complain that it is costly and slow and turn to Internet cafes which are quite popular in towns and cities, as they provide more reliable connectivity.

Source: BBC Africa

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