To enable simpler branding, Tech giants Apple decided to change the name of their retail store “Apple Store” to just “Apple“, followed by the location of the specific store. For example, “Apple launched its Apple World trade center, not Apple Store World trade center in New York, some days ago.”


This move was initiated by the Apple senior VP of retail Angela Ahrendts who believed the store had become one with its communities. This change has already reflected on every website for Apple’s various stores, even though complete take-over might take a little longer.

A lot of people might see this change as unnecessary, but Apple set out to rebrand their stores as more than just places where Apple products are sold, to more of places where  gigantic 6K video screens, lush greenery, and other features give its customers an Apple experience as they hang out.

Having opened their first store in May, 2001, the interior arrangements have evolved to have a more boutique-like feel, with fancy headphones arrangement and emphasis laid on Iphone photography accessories.