October 20, 2017

Android Jelly Bean Upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Olawale AdeyinaJan 23, 20133min

Two of Samsung’s best-selling tablets, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2, are finally getting the latest version of Google’s Android 4.1 operating system, the so-called Jelly Bean version.

But Samsung has made it worth waiting for with the addition of Premium Suite, which the company says includes “dramatic improvements” to the tablet’s multitasking features, as well as improvement to the S Pen stylus included with each device.

On the multitasking side, Samsung has now added several features like the new cascade view, air view,  that leverage the Galaxy Note 10.1’s Multi Window view that lets you run two apps side-by-side.

The new Cascade View feature lets users freely resize, move and pin selected applications in multiple views, running them simultaneously or while operating the home screen.

Air View lets lets users easily preview content such as video, email attachments and photos without having to open the related apps.

And a new Quick Command lets users create customized and use preset shortcuts for the S Pen, using designated S Pen strokes, to launch apps and services.

Other new features include enhancements to the Galaxy’s handwriting software that now lets you send handwritten notes via email as well as hand-write directly in the software’s S Planner. So you could, for example, circle the date of an important upcoming appointment and write directly on the S Planner calendar (in monthly view only), just as you would on a paper version.

Samsung has also added templates for S Note designed to let users add effects to their digital content with Idea Sketch and also insert video directly into not only Note templates but also other templates.

Source: Tabtimes

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