October 20, 2017

2 Million Whatsapp subscribers migrate to Line

GuestFeb 26, 20142min

How fast can you take on opponents’ customers? The best answer can only be provided by a mobile messaging platform Line popular in Japan who is also aspiring for growth globally. Line is the present a rivalry company to the very popular Whatsapp that took on 2 Million of Its customers after a less than 4 minutes service outage.

Line took the opportunity when it came and had a huge dive into the market of subscribers and as stated by the CEO of line “Our growth strategy has always included providing a strong network that can handle unplanned and unexpected increases in network traffic, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure platform that will always work when our users need it the most”

This tremendous 2 MILLION sign up in few minutes is over triple its normal increase in subscriber base even outside its pool of customers in Japan locally. With this, it brings the figures for signing up of new non-local subscribers around Europe South America, North America regions to about 400,000 a day.

The usual target for Line was 500 million this year 2014 with a reported 300 million global registered users as at last November. Whatsapp on another path announced this week of a hit of 465 million active users with 330million daily active users. Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg since acquiring Whatsapp recently however announced during his Keynote at the Mobile world congress of his confidence to reach a billion users for Whatsapp as Facebook did at its inception.

The Whatsapp outage has undoubtedly benefited LINE and this may likely be lined to its highlighted profile and post-facebook acquisition can be linked to Mark Zuckerberg’s happy huge spending.

We are looking now to the app download being equal to active app users

Speaking about giving your opponent a real boost with a home goal, facebook seems to have done this well with Whatsapp and Line

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