November 24, 2017

15 Internet Tips and Tricks ThatYou Should Know

Olawale AdeyinaNov 9, 20126min

While using the internet, you can use various tips and tricks that will make your browsing experience even better. Tips and tricks used are very simple and easy to follow. You just need to do it 2-3 times and your mind will get used to it. The main thing is that using internet effectively with the help of tools, apps and shortcuts will make you better and fast than anybody else. Internet is very vast and increasing. If you know the right tips and tricks to use, you will be seeing yourself using the web faster. You may have used few of them but I bet not all of them.

The 15 Most simple internet tips and tricks that you must know in order to work fast on the browsers:-

  1. Typing HTTP before a Website : – You could save time by not typing http  before a website address in your browser. If you want to open a website, simply type it’s name and nothing else. For example, if you want to open this website type TCITY.TV and browser will open the website.
  2. Typing WWW before a Website : – It’s also not necessary to type WWW in front of a website’s address. However if you type www the websites tend to open faster.
  3. CTRL + Enter = Suppose you want to open a website having .com at the end. Type the address like Techcityng and hit Ctrl+Enter and .com will automatically be added at the end by the browser.
  4. TAB key – Have you ever used this key while using Internet? I guess most of you haven’t used it. Suppose you are filling up a form on the internet. You type your first name and then you need to move to the next box where you need to fill your last name just Press TAB key from the keyboard to move. This way everything will be faster and you will fill the form fast.
  5. SHIFT + TAB = It will take you one box back. If you made the mistake in your name and moved to the next box. Press Shift + Tab to go back to the previous box to correct it.
  6. ALT + D = Press and hold down ALT key and press D from the keyboard. This will take you to the address bar of the browser and you can type a new address. You don’t have to use your mouse.
  7. F5 = Press the F5 key from the keyboard to refresh or reload the web page if it’s not loaded properly
  8. F11 = Press the F11 key from keyboard to make your browser full screen.
  9. Ctrl and + or – key = Press and hold down Ctrl key and press + or – key from the numeric keypad to increase and decrease the font size of your browser. For people using laptop, Press and hold Ctrl key and move your mouse wheel, you can notice the difference in the font size of the browser.
  10. Ctrl + B = Pressing Ctrl + B will open your bookmarks if you ever made one. Now a days, you can see a Star in the address bar. Click on star whenever you like a webpage. It will bookmark it for future purpose.
  11. Ctrl +F= It will open the find box. Suppose you are seeing a result and you want to find out your roll number. Press and type the roll no. It will search for you.
  12. BackSpace Key = Pressing the backspace key in a browser will take you one page back
  13. Plug-ins and Addons = Almost all the browser now a days have many important and use full add-ons which you can use to enhance your browsing experience.
  14. Ctrl + Mouse Click – Press and hold down ctrl key and clicking with the mouse on any link within a web page will open the page in a new tab for later viewing.
  15.  Alternative Internet Browsers – If your browsers hangs too much, try other such as Google chrome, mozilla firefox, Opera and safari.

Certainly many of these tips and tricks about internet you don’t know. You must have used few of them but not all. try  and use them regularly to make your browsing capability fast and secondly you can do almost anything with the keyboard. So try it.


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