Twitter is at it again – introducing another new feature it hopes will lure more users to its platform. This time around, Twitter has introduced Snapchat-like filters or stickers which users can use to ‘spice up’ their Twitter photos.

All you have to do is upload an image to Twitter, select as many stickers as you like to place on it (they are all free at the moment) and post the image. C ‘est Finir.

However, unlike Snapchat stickers which serve only for aesthetics or fun, Twitter’s are also searchable. Meaning, you can tap on any of them to see other photos on Twitter in which the same sticker was used – just like with hashtags.

According to the company’s blog post ““After you Tweet a photo with stickers on it, your photo becomes searchable in a new, visual spin on the hashtag…. Tapping on a sticker in a Tweet takes you to a new timeline, where you can see how people all over the world use that sticker in different ways.”

At the moment though, all Stickers will be made by Twitter, whom by the way say that they’ll be releasing more from time to time including unique ones for special events.

What good will these new ‘searchable stickers’ do in terms of increasing Twitters popularity and or relevance?

No one is sure. Like other changes they’ve made, only time will tell how useful or interesting users will find this. However, there’s a good chance that they’ll catch on, considering how well stickers are doing on other social media platforms like Snapchat and Line.

Another part of this story I’m waiting to hear is when Twitter will start selling them in other to make some money, because after all in the end, it’s all about the money.