November 18, 2017

Transferring iPhone Contacts To Android

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The iPhone line of smartphones designed and distributed by Apple has become one of the most widely purchased smartphones in the World. But with the introduction of Google’s free mobile operating system named ‘Android’, smartphone manufacturers started coming up with Android smartphones which adversely affected iPhone sales. The user interface and simplicity are the specialty of iPhone. However, the android User interface gained more prominence.

iPhone users may find it difficult to transfer the contacts in their iPhone to a Android phone. To transfer contacts, mails and messages from iPhone to Android, you need to convert these files to format which Android OS is capable of understanding. There is another alternative. This tutorial will be useful in helping you learn how to transfer iPhone contacts to Android using Google Contacts feature.

Syncing contacts to Google Contacts

Syncing iPhone contacts to Google Contacts can be done in two ways, either by using iTunes or via iCloud. But you require a Google account for both, which is free.

Using iTunes to sync to Google Contacts

Step 1: Manually backup your iPhone to the PC using iTunes
Step 2: Open iTunes
Step 3: Plug in the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable
Step 4: Select iPhone in iTunes
Step 5: Choose to Sync Contacts with Google Contacts under the Info tab. You can select Google Contacts from the dropdown box under Info tab. Now you will be prompted to provide your Gmail ID and password.


tep 6: Enter Gmail ID and Password.
Step 7: Wait for it to synchronize
Step 8: After synchronization, go to Gmail and log in to your account.
Step 9: Then select Contacts in Gmail. You will find the iPhone contacts here.

Using iCloud to sync to Google Contacts

You require an iCloud account for this. You should also have a backup in iCloud.

Step 1: Go to and log in to your iCloud account
Step 2: Go to Contacts. You will see all your iPhone contacts here.
Step 3: Press Ctrl + A to select all contacts
Step 4: Click on Settings
Step 5: Now select Export vCard


Step 6: Go to and log in to your account
Step 7: Select Import Contacts from the dropdown box beside ‘More’. An alert will appear now prompting you to choose the vCard file.
Step 8: Choose the Exported vCard file you exported from iCloud
Step 9: Click Import. Now all contacts will appear in Google Contacts

To get rid of duplicate Google Contacts

Step 1: In Gmail Contacts, click on ‘More’
Step 2: Now click ‘Find and Merge duplicates’. Go through the names in the page that pops up in the screen.
Step 3: Select the duplicate contacts
Step 4: Click Merge button at the bottom

Syncing Contacts to Android

Step 1: Go to Menu and tap Settings in your Android phone
Step 2: Now tap Accounts and Sync
Step 3: Tap on Add Account and select Google
Step 4: Tap Sign In
Step 5: Login to the Gmail account you synced your iPhone contacts to. Wait for some time for the Sync options.


Step 6: Tap Sync Contacts to check the checkbox
Step 7: Tap on Finish. This will Sync your iPhone contacts to your Android phone. Verify this in your Contacts list in the phone.


If you don’t merge duplicate contacts in Google Contacts, you will find a lot of repeated entries after syncing the contacts to your Android phone. You will never lose Contacts even if you lose your android phone or format it because it will be always available in Google Contacts.


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