I had thought there was a back-back story. Some other followers thought their twitter handle had been hacked. Tecno Mobile Nigeria had taken to Twitter to conduct a poll that had trouble written all over it. Options on the poll were largely figurative, for as many as have been following and have noticed how closely Tecno is marking budget smartphone manufacturer Infinix and high-end competition like Samsung.



That was brilliant but the tweets that followed threw (me at least) off guard. The plot went from describing your smartphone to some other story where Beauty and the Beast was hashtagged.







The trip for me were the comments and replies that followed the posts. I don’t know how organic some of those were but a friend of mine who doesn’t necessarily align herself with brands retweeted one of the tweets onto my timeline and I followed through till the end and the Tecno Mobile Nigeria handle unveiled their new Phantom devices – a post that has been deleted. After the post, some followers were genuinely interested in the spec of the device while some others had begun hyping the device.

While this is not Tecno’s most impressive marketing strategy, it is quite commendable. However, a more structured and creative tweetcast would have made room for more neutral and organic responses and better social currency which would ultimately indicate buying behaviour upon release of Tecno’s increasingly pricey phones.