November 20, 2017

Pangolin Love: All You Need to Know About Google’s Valentine Doodle Game

Flora AyodeleFeb 13, 20175min

This year, google has created a game as Valentine doodle it’s called Pangolin Love. It involves two love-struck pangolins. It took about a year to develop and involved a six-person team of animators and engineers. This game was developed to raise the awareness about the impending extinction of the Pangolin.

What are pangolins?

Pangolins are scaly mammals native to Africa and Asia, they are strong swimmers who rely on their long tongues and heightened sense of smell to find food. Sadly, they are the most trafficked mammal in the world. When it is threatened it is able to quickly curl up into a tight ball.


Level One:

The game starts off with a sunny morning in Ghana, a Pangolin receives a letter he has been waiting for from his girlfriend telling him she wants him to meet with her, Pangolin is ready to travel the world just to see her.

On his way, he realizes he can’t go empty handed and he has no gift. So, he spots two couples eating cake and this gives him and Idea to ‘make a cake!’.

He must collect 150 cocoa bean to make a delicious desert cake in 3 minutes. This stage involves jumping. Warning there are few obstacles so, use the left and right arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump.

Level Two:

In India, there’s melody coming from the jungle and it draws the attention of pangolin who is still on the quest for love. As he draws closer to the source of the song he discovers it’s a pangolin like him and this give him another idea; to ‘learn a love song!’.

In this stage, he decides to take a swim underwater and collect music notes to make a song. He must collect 150 music notes in 3 minutes

Level Three:

Now in china, still on his way to his sweet heart, Pangolin encounters two Chinese Pangolins as he gets fascinated by the smooth moves of their love dance and of course he gets another idea. ‘learn a dance’.

He must collect 150 ribbons in 3 minutes. This stage involves ribbons hanging from Chinese lanterns which you can use to swing to different direction.

Level Four:

Here he gets to the Philippines. As he walks through a Garden of flowers, a Pangolin plucks out a flower and put it on his head, immediately he thinks it will be a good idea to ‘make a bouquet’ of flower for his love.

In this final stage, Pangolin has to collect 400 flowers in 4 minutes. It combines everything from the previous three stages; jumping, swimming and swinging. In the end, Pangolin finds his lover, but due to the weight of the gift, he trips and fall, making the gifts fall on her but she doesn’t mind, she’s just happy to see him. Aww… how sweet.

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