Sometime in October, there was a Twitter phenomenon that had people ask for favours ranging from free products to services, etc from brands, companies, other online and offline audience which was binding if the asking party could attain a certain number of retweets (RTs).

A lady reported that via RTs she got all the things needed for her wedding without spending a dime on it. Good you say?

Then, there was this daring young man, Mr Olayinka Fajimite, whose Twitter handle is @lordphaj3804. He had asked Oando_PLC “how many RTs for a job?”

Oando generously replied and said, they don’t do “RTs” for a job but they could for a 1-month internship.

Through the help of the good people of Twitter retweeting, Yinka was able to secure the number of RTs requested. Now, the question arose? What kind of role would he be placed to work in? Petrol attendant doesn’t sound so exciting. To which Oando graciously responded asserting that they would not be making him a Petrol Attendant.

Only for us to wake up to this:

What went wrong? Why did Oando lie to us (Twitter Users)?

Twitter was agog with comments with people asking questions and expressing their confusion in the development of Fajimite’s Oando deal.

While some Twitter Influencers like Chidi Okereke and Osi Dirisu were still buckling up to question Oando.

The intern released this:

Alas! it was all a prank!

Thank you Oando. Thank you Twitter NG for a dream come true.

Now we can return to our regular banter on twitter 🙂