November 20, 2017

Cool Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Olawale AdeyinaMar 15, 20138min

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has officially been unveiled at an extravagant New York -based event this evening(actually midnight in Nigeria). In-case you missed it, check out some of the mouth watering features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Build and design

The Galaxy S4 which will be available in white and black, at 130g is slightly lighter than the S3 (133g) and has the same height and width dimensions. At 7.9mm thick it’s significantly slimmer than the Galaxy S3 but not quite as thin as the iPhone 5.

Operating System: The Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which is the latest version of the mobile OS.

Processor: Its has a  1.9 GHz quad-core processor OR 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor (depending on the market)

Battery: Uses 2,600mAh removable battery

Storage:  16/32/64 GB internal, with a MicroSD slot for expansion

The Screen: 5-inch, 1920 x 1080, with Gorilla Glass 3 Full HD Super AMOLED display, the S4 promises 441 ppi which should mean a massive jump in terms of clarity for what is already one of the brightest and most vibrant smartphone displays on the market. The new Adapt sound and Adapt display tech will also change the screen and sound settings to suit whether you are watching a video or reading an article on the web.

The Camera: The Samsung Galaxy S4  has a new 13-Megapixel rear-facing camera with full HD 1080p video recording capabilities, also a 2-megapixel front-facing camera to take care of all your video chatting. some unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera includes:

  • Dual Shot mode which essentially takes two separate photos which can then be merged
  • Eraser Shot which can delete those people who try to ruin pictures by moving in the background
  • Drama Shot that lets you turn Burst photos into one picture and
  • Sound Shot to record nine seconds of audio and combine with a photo.
  • You could also do a Dual Recording to shoot two videos simultaneously a new Cinema Photo mode which lets you select which video shots to stay dynamic and still which you can then turn into your very own ready-made GIF.

Dual View: This lets S4 owners use both the front and rear cameras at the same time, which can also be used during video calls.

Group Play: Lets people share media between one another without Wi-Fi. Also syncs up music playback between devices.

Smart Pause: This essentially halts any video you are watching when you look away from the scree

Smart Scroll: This lets you browse through content by tilting the device.

Enhanced Air features: Building on some of the Air features introduced on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you can now access Air View using your finger by hovering it roughly 2cm off the screen to preview videos or details inside applications like email and calendars without launching them. There is also Air Gesture to scroll up and down while browsing  or wave your hand to navigate through your phone or accept a call.

S Health:  The Galaxy S4 Uses the S4’s onboard sensors to track and estimate personal fitness. It has a food tracker to keep an eye on how much calories you are consuming.

Story Album: Pulls together photos you’ve taken and can be turned into photo albums.

Samsung WatchON: Uses the built-in IR to control other electronics like TVs and set top boxes.

Samsung Optical Reader: This will be useful for serious networking folk and travellers, this new feature uses the camera tech to translate text on menus and books or read QR codes and can actually view a business card and know exactly what information it needs to pick out and keep. 

 S Voice Drive: Takes voice commands while driving, and turns up the size of text. Works over Bluetooth with Bluetooth-enabled cars.

 S Translator: Translates voice or text within certain applications, and works offline.

Along with the S4, Samsung also debuted a new version of its S View cover that includes a slit to show relevant data, even when the rest of the device is covered up.

Let us know what you think about this features.

Image Credits: CNET


Olawale Adeyina

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  • Hi there,
    would like to know if it’s the best for business among the others, and if it’s in the Nigeria market?

    • Hi, It’s cool for business use. it’s not yet available in the Nigerian Market.

  • ogeh

    would like to know what variants are available in nigerian markets : the 1.9GHz quadcore ore the 1.6 Ghz octa-core, how much it costs and where to buy in nigeria

  • You can buy in Nigeria on Konga,com for N105,000. The octa core processor available in Nigeria is 1.6GHz Quad core + 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor

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