October 20, 2017

Nokia Unveils its First Windows Tablet: The Lumia 2520

AdewaleOct 26, 20134min

After years of rumor surrounding Nokia’s release of a tablet, Nokia has finally joined the race in the tablet ecosystem with the release of the first Nokia tablet called the Nokia Lumia 2520. One wouldn’t expect less from Nokia as the tablet looks more like a bigger series of the line of the Lumia series.

lumia 2520Nokia released its first of a kind tablet at Nokia World industry event in Abu Dhabi during the week. The Lumia 2520 possess a 10.1 inch display screen, It runs on Windows RT — the Microsoft operating system tailored to ARM chips and has a Gorilla Glass 2 screen, with a body styled more like Lumia windows devices. The large screen display is meant to make reading easier in all sorts of background lighting.

According to Verge, the tablet with 1920 x 1080 display is perhaps one of the best in the tablet series, it’s got an impressive brightness with great viewing angles.

Unlike most tablets that connects via Wifi only, the Nokia tablets stands itself out as it can connect via both 4G LTE mobile services and Wi-Fi.

“It has to connect anywhere, so it comes with LTE,”  “Operators are really responding well to this approach.” These were words from Nokia’s device chief’s Stephen Elop’s while on stage during the event.

lumia 2520The Lumia 2520 does come in blue and red as well as black and white: color is what many manufacturers turn to when trying to make their products stand out, it is believed to to make it look more appealing to users. This device is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter for about $499.

lumia 2520Nokia has opted for a Power Keyboard, unlike the Surface 2 which has a touch and type cover. It also has a Surface-like keyboard and trackpad, with two USB ports and a boost of five hours to the battery life. Nokia says the Lumia 2520 should get 11 hours by itself, so it’s possible this device will reach 16 hours in total with the cover attached.

Nokia also unveiled two new Lumia smartphones — the 1520 and the 1320 — with 6-inch screens. That display size sets them firmly in the market for “phablets”. The 1520 has a better camera and other high-end features, so it will cost $749, compared with $339 for the 1320, which is destined for emerging markets. A handful of Asha phones, also meant for the same regions, made up the other three  launches,  The 500, 502 and 503 all come in at less than $100.


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