Ok if you’re like me, or my producer; the guy who leaves home with a digital camera strung around his neck, a backpack to carry his laptop, a tablet in his briefcase, and a phone in his pocket? Well, you’re just normal. That said, Fujitsu has a plan to make you super normal!

The Fujitsu Lifebook, coming in 2013, combines all of these fancy pieces of technology into one. Ditch everything else, keep the laptop backpack. Need a camera? Detach the laptop’s camera to be used as a handheld digital camera. Tablet? Open it up and pull that out as well. Put it back in and the tablet immediately displays itself as a touch-screen keyboard for the laptop. There is even a spot where you can attach and remove a special cell phone, which I imagine acts as the cellular modem for the laptop when attached. (Don’t be surprised if this allows you to make video phone calls from the laptop as well.)

The price is undetermined, but as with all new technology, don’t expect it to be cheap.life_book-550x330