Instagram has added a little something for those who like to get a closer look at pictures on its platform. After a long time since its release, users can now zoom in and out of pictures and get a closer look at areas that interests them.

It released this new feature on August 31, 2016, called Zoom which allows users to get up close and personal with posts without having to tap on the image to bring it up from the feed.

Even though social media stalking might get a bit easier with this feature (everybody stalks everybody these days), the new zoom feature takes care of accidentally liking someone’s picture when neck deep into their page.

Here is how to use the new feature:

Place your pointer finger on top of your thumb to make the pinch motion, then expand the two fingers away from each other to zoom in on a specific detail.

To zoom out, drag the pointer finger and thumb back to the pinch position. Easy right?