October 20, 2017

Choose a side in #WarOfTheGalaxies: Samsung #GalaxyNote7 VS #GalaxyNote5

BellaRose OkojieBellaRose OkojieAug 2, 20162min

Oftentimes, after a new release by Samsung, people come out in their droves to pitch an old Samsung smartphone against the new or worse still, a different brand against the Samsung newbie with comments ranging from a bias for another (lesser) phone brand because of price to disparaging remarks that have no regard for creative innovation and sometimes, pure pessimism (beef).

Lol. Not so deep, Bella.

It is with such passion, however, that some people look longingly at their current smartphone and bid it an emotional goodbye while some ditch their fairly old phones like hot tongue-burning tea and make a dash to the stores to buy the new device and some others pre-order or save up to buy the newly released phone. It is for those that I write. Those who wield the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 like a weapon of intellectual armory and those who swear by the spec of the Note series and are never looking back. It is for you I inquire… what side do you belong this day of #Unpacked2016?

Major Upgrade or Minor Difference?
Choose you this day what side of the divide you belong and why…

Photo: Samsung Mobile

BellaRose Okojie

BellaRose Okojie

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  • olakunle olatunji

    Note5 is still the winner here. I love the camera on my Note5 and also the windows included package is so amazing.
    Besides, I always skip a generation upgrade before buying the Note series. I went from Note1 to Note3 and now 5.
    See you guys on the next Note release.


  • olakunle olatunji

    My only regret on the Note5 is buying the 32gb option.

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