October 20, 2017

CG Africa: New Online Portal Dedicated For Computer Graphic Artists In Africa

Olawale AdeyinaJan 27, 20143min

Ostudiolabs begin the year with one of the most creative things about to hit the www. Say hello to the first robust online portal dedicated to the advancement of the Computer graphics industry in Africa called CG Africa (www.cgafrica.com).

This is undoubtedly great news for all computer graphic artists across Africa and extensively those working outside her shores as CG Africa is designed to be an online magazine and resource centre for artists in all sectors; architecture, gaming, motion and still picture, etcetera.

Cgafrica.com will also be a community for learning, sharing information and expert advice or tutoring between professional and fledgling artists who will find the portal a valuable resource tool and a virtual gallery for the general public; one that will ultimately advance the course of the profession.

New visitors to the site will have access to industry related news and will be able to view works showcased by community members.

Users can subscribe or register to the site for free. Registered users (members) will have the ability to create their own identity through a profile page where they can provide such information such as their skill set, work experience and even upload a copy of their CV.

There are various divisions within the portal that will help foster the development of CG. The training and store sections are designed specifically for companies and individuals who want direct access to industry materials and resources.

As part of a way to warm up visitors to the portal, Ostudiolabs have in the works, a 135 second animated video in full HD. The video tells the African story of resilience, tenacity and triumph within the CG industry. We are confident the video will be a ‘first of its kind’ therefore raising the standard of CG in Africa.

The video will be available primarily on CG Africa’s YouTube channel on January 29.

“The are seeking to work with leading industry experts hence we gladly welcome ideas, suggestions and offer of companionship from experts in Africa and across the globe.”

Check out the official logo of the portal and snapshots from the upcoming video.


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