Finally, smartphone manufacturer Tecno Mobile has built a smartphone that will run on android lollipop 5.0. Credit should be given to Tecno fans who have been clamoring for this upgrade from Tecno for a while now.

Screenshot_2015-07-31-18-07-49Indeed, very recently, I bumped into a Tecno Mobile representative and noticed he was wielding an impressive Tecno smart phone I wasn’t quite sure I’d seen on retail shelves before. According to him, the device is “top secret for now” but from where I stood, I could tell its UI was just too good!

Screenshot_2015-07-31-18-07-32Android lollipop 5.0 has been praised for giving UI designers more freedom to create richer and more interactive UIs. Now I understand why.

The Tecno customized UI runs like it knows what you are thinking, it is a lot more colorful, intuitive and smoother than the android Kitkat 4.4 versions that run on current flagship Tecno Mobile smart phones, and it does all of this without ruining the Android OS feel we have all come to love. Take a look at some UI screenshots I got from the device and marvel at this beaut yourself.

Screenshot_2015-07-31-18-11-41I told my friend I couldn’t wait to get an upgrade with upcoming Tecno flagship devices with the Android lollipop; he said I won’t have to wait long as they are announcing a device real soon. Fingers Crossed.