After only a year and half of operations in Kenya, Uber has received a Kshs.10bn loan facility from Sidian Bank. The purpose of the loan is to help promote an innovation Vehicle Solutions Program in Kenya.

According to tech Guy, the innovation Vehicle Solutions Program is expected to help new and existing Uber drivers in growing their taxi business. However, a driver’s eligibility will be based on his or her earnings and service quality with Uber.

Another interesting aspect of this new program is that drivers  “working with other metered taxi companies can rent a vehicle at friendly rates and partner with Uber until they earn and build a quality record that qualifies them for the lease program.”

Uber’s journey in the Kenyan market hasn’t been rosey all the way as they have had to face conflicts with traditional taxi drivers who see its operations as a threat to them. All in all, I think that a similar facility would be welcome in Nigeria – as long as the drivers they claim to want to help aren’t being ripped off in any way.